Instructions for Making the Crystal Christmas Earring Set Kit

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Designer: Megan Milliken
In this video, you will learn how to make the earrings in the Crystal Christmas Earring Set Kit, which is available at These sparkly, festive earrings feature SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal beads and will be a great way to show your holiday spirit. Each kit will make three pairs of earrings: Christmas trees, gift stacks, and snowmen. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create wrapped wire loops.
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Hi this is Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to make the crystal christmas earrings set kit. This kit will make three pairs of earrings. They all have this really pretty Swarovski Elements Crystal beads and it will make the stack of gifts a christmas tree and a snowman what's going to come in your kit is going to be three pairs of earring hooks, two silver plated and one gold plated six head pins four silver plated and two gold plated and then you're going to have two of each of two sizes of crystal AB round beads crystal Rondelles two czech glass spacer beads two black cube beads that's your snowman beads your tree beads are going to consists of four sizes two each of these flat flower shaped margarita beads two crystal golden shadow cube beads two tiny little bicone beads that's your tree beads and then your gift stack are just going to have two red cube beads, two white opal cube beads, two green cube beads and then two of these cute little metal bow beads so I'm just gonna show you how to make one of each of these and then you'll just repeat instructions for the second I'll start with the snowman Take one of your silver plated head pins you're going to stack one of the larger AB crystal beads one of the red crystal Rondelle beads and one of the smaller crystal AB round beads take your czech glass spacer bead then you're black cube bead now we just need to create a wrapped wire loop on top of these beads to hold them in place take your chain nose pliers and grab right above the last bead and then bend the wire over almost to a ninety degree angle grab the wire right above the bend with a pair of chain nose bend the wire around the plier rotate the pliers complete the bend so it will give a nice loop then you're going to take your chain nose pliers and wrapped the tail end of the wire around the base of the wire to reach your top bead once you reach the top bead take a pair of cutters clip off the excess take your chain nose pliers to tuck the end in so that it's not sharp There's your little snowman. I'm going to take one of your silver plated earring hooks and use a pair of chain nose pliers on the short end of the loop with the little ball bend that to the side open the loop hang your earring by the wrap wire loop and close the earring hook so there's your first snowman earring you'll just repeat with the second set of materials to make your second snowman I'll show your the christmas tree take a gold plated head pin if your head pins get a little bent just use your fingers to straighten them out place your cube bead onto the head pin and then you're going to just start with the largest size of the migrated beads and work to your smallest and these are AB finished so they do have this kind of reflective coating on one side so put that to the bottom one size smaller each time then place a little tiny red bicone bead on the top and then we're going to create another wrap wire loop to hold these in place just like we did with the snowman grip right above that last bead grab that with round nose pliers to bend around rotate and continued to complete the loop use the nose pliers to wrap until you reach the bead go ahead and trim off the rest tuck in the tail and then take one of your gold plated earring hook use your chain nose pliers to open up the loop hang your tree and close the loop that's gonna be your first christmas tree earring you'll just repeat that with your second set of supplies to make your second tree and I'm gonna show you how to make the little presents stack take your silver plated head pin put red cube bead on followed by one of the white cube beads one of the green cube beads then take the little bow and place that over the top you're gonna create another wrapped wire loop you need to be a little careful with the bow it can be a little tricky to get in there rotate the bow as necessary I'll start by going to the side with the bow kind of at an angle to keep it out of the way so grip right above the last bead and bend the top grab it with a round nose pliers right above the bend and around take the plier and continue the bend You can see I'm just continuing to move that bow out of my way as I work use the chain nose pliers to wrap until we meet the bow bead at the base keep rotating it out of the way as you work trim the tail off tuck in the end then you can straighten everything out once you're done with your loop I'm going to take the silver plated earring hook open it up hang the earring close it up and that's how you make a little stack of gifts do the exact same thing for the second set of supplies for that and that's how you make the crystal christmas earring set Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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