Instructions for Making the Deluxe Charm Bangle Bracelet Kits

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video you will learn how to make one of the Deluxe Charm Bangle Bracelet Kits which are available exclusively from Beadaholique. Each kit features Austrian crystals and comes with an expandable bangle bracelet and all the charms, beads, and findings to decorate it. The only tools needed are round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, and cutters. These bracelets are quick and easy to make, perfect for the beginner. For more, see our product guide: Design Tips for Embellishing Expandable Charm Bangles.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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you Hi, this is Julie beadaholique and I want to show you how to put together one of our exclusive kits these here are our deluxe bangle bracelet kits and we have a number of different ones to choose from and what's great about the exclusive kits is you get everything you need to complete the project in with the kit so you're not having to buy any extras and the tools are needed are just basic tools so before I actually put one together I want to show you some of the different styles we have here you'll see that it's going to either be a silver plated or gold plated adjustable bangle bracelet and the way these work is they slide they're very trendy right now very popular design and so these would make a great gift for someone who's very fashion savvy and what we've done is we've adorned these with charms but also some Sourav ski crystal this is a Swarovski crystal Rivoli and some Swarovski crystal channel charms and then also some other baubles so then we have a Paris themed one with little Eiffel Tower and some pink crystal and a little wee charm on this one here we've got a crown some little golden shadow channel charms and a pretty purple Rivoli here we have this great themed one here with a bird and arrow and a nice red crystal very fun we have another crown charm and silver with the lovely emerald color crystal over here we've got the nice classic mixed metal look of silver and gold and then we've got one which i think of as like a family tree type one a lovely tree charm and some beautiful colors accenting it now when you make these you can put the charms on and the dangles how we show you or you can also of course put them wherever you want now if you put them in this middle section they're going to be anchored there they're not going to then go around the bracelet and then we put a couple on the side of the bracelet so they will slide so you can put them all on the front all on the outside whatever you like so I'm going to put one together this is our nautical one and when you purchase the kit you're going to receive everything you see right here so you're going to receive the findings the bangle the crystals the charms and the tube of e6000 glue we always try to make these kits with the thought in mind we don't want you to have to purchase any expensive tools to put these together so you're just going to need the basic tools that you probably already have in your toolbox which is a pair of cutters chain nose plier and a round nose plier so first let's start by making the little pearl dangles so I'm going to put one of the pearls onto a head pin and I'm just going to bend my wire grab it make a simple wire loop and actually I want to make that simple wire loop a little bit bigger than I might normally because I want to attach it directly on to the bangle rotate my pliers continue pulling that wire around so I've got a nice loop and then snip where it overlaps and you want to make for this particular kit a total of three of these I'm going to make the second simple wire loop again making a little bit bigger than I probably normally would just to make sure it's going to fit around the bangle bracelet wire and just one more so based at home which kit you purchase will be how many of these little baubles you make and if they're a pearl or a gold bead or a silver bead I'll be able to see though on all the different kits that are available on what they all include so now I'm going to go ahead and glue my Rivoli to my Rivoli setting and to do so I'm just going to put a little bit of glue see 6-thousand it's very strong you don't need a lot I would actually be able to get away with less than that if I wanted to just going to drop it into the setting and press it into place and now I'm going to add these little dangles so you can put the accessories wherever you want on here I'm going to put most of them in the middle just because it does contain them I'm not going to attach them to the little loops because there's just a little bit of a gap right here and I would worry about them falling off now if you did want to attach them to the loops you could just take your chain nose pliers and just carefully squeeze that shut so that there's not that gap but I really you know if you attach them here you're going to be fine now I'm going to use my round nose pliers as my second pair of chain nose essentially I'm going to start to attach some of these little dangles so I'm going to need to open a jump ring to do that grab one side of it with one pair of pliers and the other side with another one it's got a little slit at the top and twist open link that on to one of your little channel charms put it onto the bracelet and close and then I want to put one of these little pearl dangles on the side so I'm going to open the loop that I just made the same way I would open a jump ring and put it on to the bar as well and close it up now I'm going to attach all my charms to the bottom bar so again I'm just going to take a jump ring open it grab a channel turn put it on to the barn close it you can see this is going together really quickly which would be great if you are going to make several of these as gift items it's nice to be able to put something together so fast I failed me do another pearl to attach my big rivarly I'm just going to put jump ring through that nice big loop and you would probably want to let your really dry a little bit more but for the purpose of this video and because I know I'm going to be careful here I'm just going to attach it right now but before you actually wear the bracelet you don't wanna make sure that's fully dry which is just going to take very little amount of time and I've just got my star and you know what I actually want to put my star on the outside this is fun to choose where you want to put all these baubles and I am done I've just made a nautical inspired adjustable bangle bracelet which is a kit which is available at you

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