Instructions for Making the Bangle Bracelet Kits

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video you will learn how to make one of the Bangle Bracelet Kits which are available exclusively from Beadaholique. Each kit comes complete with all the materials you will need to make three expandable bangle bracelets complete with charms and baubles. The only tools needed are round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, and cutters. These bracelets are quick and easy to make, perfect for the beginner. For more, see our product guide: Design Tips for Embellishing Expandable Charm Bangles.
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Hi, this is Julie with so you've probably seen in different fashion magazines right now and in boutiques adjustable bangle bracelets these are so popular they're very easy to put on because they slide and people wear them stacked they also wear them singularly but often times you'll see them all stacked up together so we've created a number of different sets of these adjustable bangle bracelets and they're all themed so we have a yoga themed one so it's got an antique brass color adjustable bangle bracelet with a hamsa hand tree of life charm and a gnome symbol we've accented it with some great blue beads we also have a sweetheart bangle bracelet set it's got a cute little lock charm a bow and then a little soros key elements heart accented with some pink and purple beads for the holidays I love this one it's got jingle bells on it this is a winter wonderland set with snowflakes these are silver plated and gold plated discussin little crystal bicones as well here we have a nostalgic Christmas set for those of you who love Christmas this would be a great hostess gift or another type gift now you can separate these out and just wear one but it is fun to wear them all together and layered and that's how they were conceived and then finally we have a love set with a B crystals some red beads and this great love charm about little hearts and an arrow and then love spelled out on it so I want to put together one of these with you in this video just you can see how easy it is so this is what you're going to get in the kit you're going to get the three adjustable bracelets you're going to get all the different beads and findings and charms of course each kit is going to vary based upon what it is so if you ordered the love kit you're going to get all of these supplies the three silver bangles etc so I thought this would be a really good one to put together because it's going to show up nice on camera being the antique brass whenever we create exclusive kits for beadaholique we try to think of you know not just the supplies but what type of tools you're going to use because we don't want you to have to buy any fancy tools basically you're just going to need your basic core tools which is a cutter a round nose plier and a chain nose plier so without further ado let me begin and I'm going to show you one way of doing it is how we do it in the kit on the website but feel free to stack your charms however you want you don't have to follow what I'm doing so first I'm going to take one blue bead and place it onto a head pin and now I'm going to create a simple wire loop just bet my wire to the side taking my round nose pliers going to create a loop now one thing I do want you to keep in mind when you're creating this loop is you're going to want the loop to be big enough to go directly onto the bangle so you're not going to want to make a super tiny one at the very tip of your round nose pliers you're going to want to step back a little bit make it big enough that you can actually get it over that wire of the adjustable bangle so I've made a loop just going to cut it like so and then I'm going to hang it onto my bracelet now I'm going to hang it on this mid bar because it's going to be secure and it won't go anywhere so I'm going to open it up loop it onto that mid bar and close it back up and that's going to be secure on there so we've added one little bauble and I created a second one of these now some people to make a loop they'll grab the wire after the bead with their chain nose they'll bend the wire at a 90 degree angle then they'll grab it like so up and over rotate the round nose pliers and come back around you can definitely do that it tends to create a little bit more of a gap right between the bead and the loop is just purely aesthetic if you're making a wrapped wire loop you would just wrap it around so you can do that well either way it works I like to just bend it with my fingers because it does make that loop a little bit closer to the bead which I like but both work so I'm just going to leave that right there for a second now I'm going to open a jump ring if you have a second pair of chain nose pliers around you can use your second pair of chain nose pliers to grab the other end or you just use your round nose so I'm grabbing both sides of the jump ring and I'm twisting not pulling that jump ring apart so I'm going to go ahead and grab that dangle I just made grab one of my charms secure it and then I'm going to place this onto my bangle okay and close the jump ring back up okay one bangle is done and you can see as you adjust this those charms are not going to go anywhere okay so I'm going to repeat with the other two bracelets headpin on then to the side take my loop make a second one of these I open this one up put it on to my bangle close it open my jump ring actually not I want to straighten this one up before I do that make sure that's nice and closed grab a charm grab my bangle slip this little dangle on close my jumping all right two down one to go same exact process and you'll get full written instructions for all of these because they do all vary a little bit some of them you use more jump rings some of them you have more baubles you'll have full instructions for putting each one together straighten that up grabbed my charm put on to the bracelet okay and I have just finished a set here's what they look like and then to put them on there you go so it is a set of stacking bracelets you get all three bracelets in each kit and you can find these exclusively from beadaholique you

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