Instructions for Making the Boho Gemstone Bracelet Kit

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video tutorial see how to make the 3 lovely bracelets that make up the Boho Gemstone Bracelet Kit - an exclusive kit from The stretch bracelets combine wood beads, gemstone beads, gold colored accents beads and a pretty feather charm to make a bracelet set that is inspired by nature and the easy-going Boho spirit. In the kit you will receive all the supplies needed to make all three bracelets.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with this is a kit that was designed by one of our designers Carlin and it's a really nice on-trend easy to wear bracelet set you're gonna be able to make three complete bracelets you can keep them for yourself or give them as a gift and I'm going to show you how to make them so when you purchase this kit you're going to get everything you need to make all three bracelets that includes all the items you see pictured here you're going to get the opal on thread you're actually going to get a 5 metre spool so this is a nice stretch fiber so you've got a lot of nice stretch to it it also knocks really easily and that's why we love opal on so we're including that with your kit you're going to get a tube of e6000 glue a whole tube of seed beads you have extra of these as well a feather charm to open jump rings some turquoise beads some brown wood oval beads some Brown round wood beads and then these great little ones which are like little slices so you're going to get all these different beads and you can be able to make these 3 bracelets in terms of the tools you're going to need for this kit you're gonna need a ruler you're going to need a couple pairs of chain nose pliers for that those jump rings a pair of scissors to cut your stretch cord something to apply your glue with I just have some toothpicks and then something to place your glue on I just have a pad of post-it here I'm going to show you how to make these pictured here but definitely feel free to cram them up with your own designs add the beads in any combination that you want put the feather wherever you want it really have fun with this kit but I'm going to show you how to do the exact styles shown here so to start we're going to cut three lengths of the stretch fiber 18 inches long torch and I don't mean 18 inches stretched just when it's flat so it's laid against your ruler this is more than enough but I always like to have a little too much than not enough and you are getting a five meter spool in with your kit so let's start with the easiest bracelet first which is the one with the brown oval beads I'm done with my ruler so I'm just going to put it away just going to grab all these beads bring them down and we are going to slide them on to your stretch fiber because we cut extra length here I'm not too worried about them falling off so another advantage of cutting a little bit more stretch cord than you need so all of my brown beads are on I'm going to scoot them to the middle of my stretch cord and now we're just going to take both ends we're just going to tie a simple overhand knot now to reinforce or not we want to use some glue and we're going to use e6000 in with your kit you're getting a brand new tube and you'll see on the reverse side of the screw cap there is a little pointed spike and what you just do is you take that you flip it over and you push down and that actually punctures the seal for you just put a little bit of glue out on scrap piece of paper or post-it and now we're just going to place some glue over our knot now I'm just going to go back and tie another knot so that it seeps down into the glue now let that dry and put that off to the side why go on to my next bracelet so the next one I want to do is this one here and we already cut ourselves a length of stretch cord so now we also just pour out some of our seed beads there you go and you're going to have a lot of these guys left over all right so we're just going to do what we did with the other one so we're just doing a gold bead a wood bead gold bead and then a gemstone bead and we're just going to repeat so keep doing this until you have strung your desired number of beads what you can do is after you've strung a number of these you can try it around your wrist if you're making it for yourself or you can just string all of the beads they're supplied in the kit because stretch bracelets don't have to fit too perfectly that you have a little bit of leeway they can be a little looser and of course they are stretch so that they can fit a lot of different people's wrists so basically make it as long as you want and then we're going to knot it the same way we knotted the other one so I'm just going to keep stringing here 12 of my Brownwood beads and 12 of my turquoise beads make sure you leave enough turquoise beads for your next bracelet so to keep that in mind our last bead so just before you tie this off make sure that you've got the right placement here where we're going to go continue to go wood bead gold bead turquoise gold bead wood bead so just make sure that you've got like for instance that gold bead in place there and we're going to tie it off the same way so I'm going to scoot it down so it's about the midway point of our elastic cord I'm going to tie a knot and again I'm going to squeeze out now some new e6000 because it does dry rather quickly and I'm going to put some glue onto that knot you can see I'm stretching the cord a little bit to expose that knot I'm getting a little bit of glue on my beads I'm really not very concerned about that actually will probably secure my not even more so there we go I'm just going to do one more pull it and we're going to set that aside to dry as well and we can go on to our third and final bracelet so in this one you'll see we have a pattern of five wood beads a gold bead turquoise gold bead and another five wood beads so I'm going to grab the wood beads and a remaining turquoise and I'm going to start to repeat this pattern so I'm gonna start with a gold bead and you don't need a needle for this project the stretch cord does go through the holes of the beads just fine now we're going to do five of the wood beads I love it how these wood beads are not exactly uniform I mean they're pretty close but they have a little bit of variation to them in terms of their width and those so their color which I think gives it that great boho look so I've got five on there so I'll add another gold bead and another turquoise and another gold and then five more the wood and I'm just going to keep repeating this pattern until I end up with seven sections of these five segments of wood beads with a turquoise bead in the two gold beads between them alright all my beads are strung again we're going to do the same thing we did with the other bracelets and tie that overhand knot down a little bit of glue there we go and just tie another knot into the glue and set aside to let dry so at this point I'm going to come back to my original bracelet let me show you a little tip for again just reinforcing what you're doing here so that not what you can do is you can actually take your tail end of your opal on you can thread it back through your bead so it comes out the other end now in some cases the glue might be actually stuck to your bead and that's totally fine at that point you can just trim your tail if it works that you can do this great if not you're going to be fine I just always like to reinforce not so impossible so at this point I'm just going to take my tail put it under the thread bridge of the opal on and pull it through the little loop I just made and tie another knot and I put a little bit more glue down there and really I don't mind if glue ends up in the hole of my beads and it ends up sticking to the opal on that is totally fine okay there you go so what I'm going to do is I'm going to do that with all of my tails you might end up where it's a little hard to get it through the gemstone bead if you can't not a big deal just trim your tail I'll show you how to trim your tail on this one that I'm not going to throw it back through you just take your scissors and just up close to it because you did add glue to reinforce it you're just going to trim it with your scissors you're really not going to see that not then with this one when it's all dry I'm just going to trim it right now so you can see you're just going to trim it up close and it is probably just going to disappear into the bead hole so I'm going to go do that for all my bracelets and then when I come back I'm going to show you how to attach the feather my three bracelets are done and now I just need to attach the feather charm so in our sample we attached it to the brown the dark brown oval wood bead bracelet you can attach it to any bracelet you want I actually like attaching to this one because it's a little plainer and it will add a little bit of that gold accent which is present in these other two bracelets and not in this one so it does tie the set together but do you feel free to put it wherever you want and it comes the kit comes with two open jump rings to help you do this and we have them as open jump rings so that you could put them on any bracelet you want after you're done and as long as you close them really good they're going to stay on the bracelet so I start by just putting one jump ring on and you can see I had grabbed both sides and I just twisted the jump ring open and now I'm just twisting it closed take your second jump ring again grab it on each side I have the little slit opening up at the top twist open we're going to grab our feather charm and we are just going to find a place on the bracelet we're going to expose the stretch fiber and close it and just make sure you close this one really good so there's not a gap and there you go you've attached your charm and again this is the boho gemstone bracelet set which is an exclusive kit from and you can find it and other kits at you

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