Ideas and Inspiration for Making Your Own Aromatherapy Jewelry

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this overview video, learn about the various types of aromatherapy jewelry you can make yourself. See inspiration projects featuring strung lava beads, diffuser pendants, stainless steel lockets, stretch chakra bracelets and more. Also learn how to add essential oils to both lava beads and diffuser pads. One to two drops of essential oils will last one to two days. When the scent fades, simply reapply. Aromatherapy jewelry is an excellent way of enjoying these beautiful scents on the go throughout the day. The essential oils are Jewel Drops, an exclusive collection by Beadaholique and perfect for making aromatherapy jewelry. The scents to choose from are: sweet orange, tea tree, peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, and lemongrass. SAFETY WARNING: Essential oils for external use only. Other than aromatherapy, dilute with a carrier oil. For topical use, rub a very small diluted amount on the inside of your elbow area to test for any allergic reaction before use. Discontinue use if any allergic reaction occurs. Keep out of the reach of pets. Essential oils can be potentially toxic to pets at certain concentrations. Avoid contact with eyes, keep out of the reach of children. If pregnant, consult with your health care provider before use.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and i repeat jewelry i'm also going to show you how to add essential oils to felt pads and also how to add it to lava beads so what is aromatherapy jewelry well is basically jewelry that you've added an essential oil to so you can enjoy the benefits of a Roman therapy all day long while you're on the go so whether at work at school wherever you may be so an essential component of aromatherapy jewelry is essential oil so we actually have a beautifully our own exclusive set these are called jewel drops and you get six ten milliliter bottles and really we've picked out our favorite scents and ones that we thought that you would really enjoy so lavender a good classic one sweet orange eucalyptus peppermint tea tree and lemongrass and these are all 100% essential oil with no additives and they are ten milliliter so in really nice size so this is a really popular trend that we've been seeing in a lot of magazines a lot of shows a lot of boutiques and it's a great way of really getting to enjoy these oils all day long so you can make your own jewelry like I've done here I've created this bracelet and we actually do have a video for all the jewelry you're gonna see here a complete how-to to show you how to do these projects but this is just using beading wire and I've added some lava beads now lava beads are great for adding essential oils too because they're so porous so the oil really gets in there and retains it you're going to want to do one to two drops of oil and that's going to last one to two days so that's going to be the same whether using a felt pad which I'll talk more about in a minute or lava beads so I'm going to show you real quick how you're going to add it to lava beads you're going to want to have some type of paper towel or something to cover your surface and you're gonna pick your favorite scent now if you want to use more oil you're gonna have a stronger scent I'm gonna do peppermint and if you look here there's a little dropper top so that's gonna help it so that the oil doesn't just come spilling out but you're going to hold it so that it's away from your fingers and it's just over some type of covered area and we're gonna go ever so slow there's one there's two and you're just gonna let that dry for about ten minutes or so before you wear it and then it's gonna smell good and really be a great thing to have all day long and just reapply when the set starts to fade you're just going to reapply so you can create your own jewelry using like a stringing method with lava beads we also have these diffuser lockets and we have a couple different styles so these are little lockets and they don't have glass in them so they are open which is great because then that oil and that scent can really come through them but you see here's this great when it has this little magnet on it and that stays sealed and what you're going to do with these they come in all different styles is you're gonna put a little felt pad into them so some really pretty little styles and I've done that here with this neck let's not those whoops huh just drop that necklace so we're gonna do that with this necklace you see I've just really wanted up a pad and I've done it on both sides and that color just comes through and this was a fun project to make but you'll notice that some of these are bigger than the pad so if you want you can just cut them down they're very easy to cut and you can cut them to any shape you want and you can also bend them so that's something you would do if you have a little diffuser locket that's smaller than one of these felt pads so then I'm gonna talk about imma jump over here real quick cuz these are other diffuser locket so these are lovely ones they're like little focal pendants that come in all different styles and then we have here stainless steel locket so I've created a project here using a stainless steel lock it was really easy but if you didn't want to go to that type of effort or you want something a little bit more simple you can just hang a stainless steel chain onto this you can see I didn't even need to use a jump ring because that hole was big enough that the chain just slid through it so if you're gonna look at one of these lockets I'm going to pick it up again there's no glass that's openwork and then there's just this little slit right here that you can see you just put your thumb in there and you open it up and now what you can do is you can slip in either pad that comes with it so here's a pad or if you want a really fun color you can buy assortment of colored pads or just a whole bunch of the same color pads but if you look at it when you put a bright color beneath that it really is a very pretty look I'm gonna just swap that out now and put a green one so you can swap them out what I think would be fun is to have a color for each oil scent so you're not mixing your cents you can definitely if you want to but let's say you decide purple is always going to be my lavender one and tea tree is always going to be my green one and then you can swap them out for whatever you feel like for that day but I'm going to go ahead and put a purple one in here and I'm going to show you how to add the oil to the pad again it's going to be one to two drops and that's going to last you one to two days so you're just gonna place the pad in there to start open it up and then there we go head over there you could also put the pad here put a drop or two on and then just slip it in there I kind of like doing it this way just in case any does spill a little bit it just is captured in there so that is a little tip for that so yeah these lockets are great they come in a variety of different styles and I just think they're so pretty when you put these colored pads they become a focal piece you can also use them for other projects as well they're great little keepsake momenta lockets in and of themselves so you can hang them from the chain you can create your own project with them you can do stringing but let's say you just want something that's already done you just want to have a great aromatherapy bracelet we also offer these pre-made bracelets so these use the lava beads again because they're so porous and they come in a variety of styles so here we have the adjustable slider clasp which is something we've really come to love here at have a stretch one and then we also have this sliding knot clasp which is great makes it very easy we have a wrap bracelet we have another one with the sliding knot and this one's just solid lava beads and then a classic one here that is just stretched with these nice big lava beads and you would go ahead and you would apply the oil in the same manner you would just do a couple drops and then you can do them wherever you want and that is gonna last you for a little while so we love aromatherapy jewelry here at beautiful Lake we've been so excited about I think we are all thinking of it in terms of gifts for loved ones coming up for birthdays or Christmas or holidays it's a really nice nice little personal gift to give someone and I know one thing I heard that I thought would be really fun was to take a box set where you get six oils and actually divide them up and make gifts so you can make this locket for someone which is very easy you just have a stainless steel chain and you've got the locket itself and then take an oil and box it up for someone and then make another gift for someone else's so you're separating out your box set and you're making a bunch of different gifts which is just something that I know we all enjoy when we can do that come especially the holidays so I hope you enjoyed this quick overview of aromatherapy jewelry here at beaut a holly holm filiz given you some ideas of what you can do with it if you do like any of the projects that you see here please do check out our other videos we do have their full tutorials to show you how to make them and we also have hundreds of other tutorials and tips and ideas and inspiration at as well as on YouTube you

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