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Hi, this is Kat with and this is velvet ribbon and then if you look on the back here the beautiful thing about the choker is that it can be nice and tight up against your neck but I've added a chain extender to help allow for different sizing so this is really a forgiving piece when you're doing your sizing but I'll talk a little bit about that as we move along so like I said I have some velvet ribbon and some leather cord I also have some ribbon crimps some 5 millimeter 21 gauge jump rings I have my chain extender and my lobster clasp and I've chosen a nice little fun charm and then to complete the project you'll just need a pair of snips or scissors a couple of pairs of chain nose pliers to help you with those jump rings and then I'm going to be using a GF hypo cement glue and of course you'll need a ruler to help with that sizing so if you have all your supplies let's go ahead and get started search it again I'm going to take my velvet ribbon here and to get the sizing I'm going to do about 14 inches now if you want smaller you'll definitely have to go smaller but with that chain extender you'll be able to get a good sixteen inches so gonna cut and go ahead and set that aside and just double check my measurement there and we're looking good and now I'm going to cut 19 inches of the leather cord because I want it to scoop down nice and low if you want it to scoop a little more shallow you can adjust the links between the two but I'm going to cut 19 inches that's 15 all right and set aside all right so now that I have my two links ready to go what I'm going to do is I'm going to add those ribbon crimps to either side so as you can see on the ribbon crimp you have one side that has teeth and one side without now for this design what we're going to do is we're going to flip over our ribbon so that we have the non velvet side facing up and on to the back you're just going to lay your leather cord on the back but what you want is you want those teeth to be facing and chomping down on the leather all right so but before we chomp them down what I recommend is taking a little dab of the GFI postmen and just kind of running it along the edge there this will help keep that ribbon from fraying and it will also help secure it into that ribbon crimp so let me just sort of get my hands out of the way we'll show you how to do this alright so I have my geopipes I'll just remove the little needle that's attached and go ahead and just you don't need a lot just enough to kind of secure that ribbon in there right now and close up your glue rope really quick you don't want it to kind of spill out everywhere okay all right so now I'm going to lay my leather on top take my ribbon crimp Cheapside going through that leather and you want to kind of Center in the leather cord it just takes a little finagling we go go so chain because I want you guys to see this okay so I've got my ribbon all the way up there and my leather cord in the center and now I'm just going to take one of my pair of chain nose pliers go over the top of that cord and pinch down making sure that it's nice and centered and then you can kind of go in from the side and just make sure that it's pinching down there we go and that is nice and secure so now we're just going to move to the other side and repeat that process now make sure that your cord is not getting tangled or wrapped around so you're going to want to make sure to do the same on the other side here so I'm just going to kind of bring this over and again very carefully add that little glue to the end and I'll definitely need to clean the tip of my glue off after I'm done with this you can see I'm getting some of those little fuzzies but I'll I'll do that off-camera later but you just want to make sure that you close up your glue in between all right so again same thing keep side down make sure it's nice and centered on there take your chain nose pliers going up and over the top and you can kind of grip them and then feel it and then just press down and making sure to get sort of both sides there alright and make sure you have a nice crisp and that is the first part so now the next part is nice and easy so what I'm going to do is sort of turn this around so it looks a little bit more like the choker I have on my bus fare so this is what we're sort of working with here and the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to add my charm now this particular term does come with a jump ring but it's too small to fit over my leather cord and to kind of hang or dangle the way I want it to so I'm going to go ahead and to remove this jump ring down and set that aside so I don't want to use that one what I'm going to be using is a 5 millimeter 21 gauge and this would be large enough buts strong enough to add to the chain I'm sorry to add to the leather cord so very simply just slip it in and I'm just going to close that jump ring making sure it is nice and flush all right so that portion is done and now moving to the back of the choker take another jump ring open that right up flip it through one loop of your ribbon crimp and now I'm going to add my lobster clasp close up that jump ring nice and flush hey Miguel perfect and again just opening up another jump ring slipping on my chain extender and adding it to the other side of that ribbon crimp but when it looks like I have some little fuzzies in there but I can go through and clean that up later with just taking a little plier and Tenace cleaning that up that might happen if your ribbon just kind of like kind of comes through there and then don't worry too much about that it's definitely able to be cleaved up oh and I have some extra jump rings there that we won't be needing but that is the long and short of it a little two-tiered necklace joke for you and there we go now you have a two tiered choker necklace featuring velvet ribbon and leather cord feel free to add any charms that you like to this it's a really fun design and you sort of take the terms on and off so if you want to make the sort of face design and you can add your metals and have just a lot of fun with this idea I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these supplies and more videos at you

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