How to Wire Wrap a Bail for Gemstone Donuts

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see how to wire wrap a bail for a gemstone donut. The technique in this video uses 20 gauge twisted artistic wire, but you can use whatever 20 gauge wire you want - including precious metals. This is a great way to work beautiful gemstone donuts into your designs.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and we've used some really pretty twisted wire now donuts by themselves are really very striking and beautiful but it can sometimes be a challenge to figure out how you might hang them on a chain or incorporate them into your jewelry design so here is one option for you so you're going to be able to put a chain or some bead work through that actual bail that we're going to create so in terms of the supplies you're going to need is you're going to need a gemstone dome net and you're going to need some artistic wire twisted wire at least if you want to make it look like our sample if not you can use plain wire I just like the little bit added element a little bit more decorative feel to this one so this is going to be 20 gauge and here's silver and we're actually going to be using gold which of our use some off of my gold spool here in the design space but do note it does come in other finishes as well so that's all we're going to need for the actual supplies now for tools you're going to need a tube of seed beads that sounds a little strange perhaps for this project but we're going to be using that tube as a dowel to create these perfectly round loops up top now if you don't have the tube of seed beads be do have a dowel go ahead and use that and you can really alter the size of these loops to whatever you like I just liked the size of the seed bead tube a pair of wire cutters and a ruler and that's it so to start we're going to cut 22 inches of twisted 20 gauge wire so I'm going to put this on my ruler it's an 18 inch ruler I want 22 inches okay put this aside and this aside we're going to go ahead and thread our wire through the center of our doughnut and bring both ends to the top we're going to take the short end and twist it around the long end we're going to make a couple twist just like so and just let that other end hang out there you don't have to worry about it right now next we're going to take our tube of seed beads and we're going to wrap the wire around it so I'm holding it right above the twists that I just created with my other tail of wire and I'm just going to wrap it around it and come back to the front of the donut now I'm going to thread my tail through the donut hole and try to make sure I don't get a kink in my wire so I'm going to be patient and just slowly pull my wire through the hole so this is what we have so far now we're going to be doing a figure eight type design between the donut and the tube so I'm going to come back to the other side but then pull it to the front again and then up and around the tube of seed beads and then back to the front and now I'm going to go through my donut again and I'm pulling pretty tight here because I want those to be really nice uniform loops up top now I'm going to create three loops at top at the top you could create more if you want it as well so definitely feel free to use this video as a jumping-off place for your own designs and let your creativity take over so again went through the donut pull it around the back but then pull it to the front and up and over that tube of seed beads again in that figure eight pattern and then pull it to the front again so now we've got the three loops up top and we're going to go into our donut one more time just like so this is what we've got pull it up around the back and over to the front again and now we're going to keep that to the seed beads up there but we're going to wrap this tail that just came around the front instead of going up and over the tube again we're going to go over all the bottom parts of these top loops so I just went around see I'm going around the back pulling it then to the front again now I'm going to go around again and again and now at this point I want to trim my little tail I pretty much covered the wrappings of the tail so I want to trim off that short tail and I want to go around again like so and then pull it and now at this point I'm going to steadily take out my tube there we go and now I want to secure this wire so I find it a little easier if you cut it on the actual edge of the gemstone donut just if for some reason holds the wire a little bit more so you're just going to cut it right there now we've created our wrapping so now what we can do is we can leave those as they are or we can just fan them out a little bit just for one more little decorative element and that is how you wire wrap a bail for a gemstone donut you can find all these supplies as well as many more tutorials at you

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