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Hi, this is Kat with and now here i have the open frame pendant from Nunn design and as you can see it kind of has a nice little thick band around it and a nice channel so you can really have some structure to your wire wrapping so this is what I'm going to be using today I also have some pieces of turquoise here and those will just sort of be the centerpiece to my dreamcatcher I'm going to be using 26 gauge craft wire to complete this and for tools you're going to need nylon tip pliers to help straighten your wire a pair of chain nose pliers and a pair of flush cutters so if you have all of your tools ready to go we are set to begin so go ahead and take your 26 gauge wire and off of your spool you're gonna get a good length and again you're gonna want to use one length of wire for this so I would say a good two feet or so it's probably going to be enough you don't want to use too much because it'll be hard to wire wrap it through but go ahead and straighten that out and then you're gonna clip it off with your flush cutters and then you can go ahead and set your spool of wire aside so here I have my length of wire and all I'm going to do now let me get some my tools are the ways you can see is I'm going to take one end of the wire and loop it through and now I'm just going to wrap around and this first one is a little difficult because you want to get it to lay flat and as you can see mine's kind of coming up a little bit so this is where you're going to want to take your chain nose pliers and just kind of make that flat and get that nice tight loop right there so now you can just sort of leave this tails because you'll want to just kind of hold on to something and you'll wrap it again and go through the pendant and just go slow you'll just wrap it around about four times and one more here making sure they lay right next to each other and now my wires are a little far apart so I'm just gonna take my chain nose pliers and just kind of pinch them in together just a little bit because I want that to look nice and clean on that edge so you have four reps and you're kind of coming out the back of your open frame pendant now so now what you're going to do is you're going to sort of cheat that booze and this is why you want to keep that tail in there to hold it in place you want to sort of cheat that and create a little loop on the side there and now you're just going to hold that in place and I'll move my fingers in just a second to show you but you're going to loop down and through and coming through again and pulling that down and now you're going to want to kind of use your fingers and just make sure that you kind of create a little loop there that's gonna stay there and then you'll sort of make your second coil of four right here going down and around up and over and down in or out and again keeping those coils nice and tight and my fourth one and I'm gonna pull the wire through so it's sort of coming out the back and then I'm going to hold that wire there create another little sort of loop and make another coil right here so you're just kind of going back and just make sure your wire is always going the same way around that pendant so I'm gonna repeat this a few more times so again just kind of holding that loop there with my fingers you can see I have my thumb and my forefinger holding that there and now we're just going to kind of bend it and loop it around and the great thing about this project is you can really kind of discover how you want the wire to lay and how many loops you want around your pendant it's really a sort of a dealer's choice which is really fun when you're making any type of dreamcatcher you can really just make the loops however you want them to be okay so the last one there and again pulling it all the way down through and I'm going to take my chain nose pliers here I'm getting a little bit of a bump that I want to make sure okay there we go I'm gonna fix my other one to there making sure those stay nice and pretty around the edge there so you can just kind of fix as you go or you can sort of fix at the end if you like and again coming down and wrapping it around and through and if your wire ever gets kinked at this point you can just go ahead and take your wire straightening nylon pliers and just sort of straighten that out all right and one more and again pulling it through yeah so you can see that it's starting to form those little loops one more here I'm gonna go ahead and get that tail out of the way so I don't poke myself my fourth loop that go through bandit down you want to make sure that your loops are somewhat similar to each other so they have the same amount of gap so I'm going to bring it down through and do one more loop and again just sort of making sure you hold that little loop there with your fingers and then do your wraps around the top move that tail out of the way and it might be getting a little hard to pull that through just because of all the wire that you have going through the center now all right so now I'm coming and I just did my four loops there and I'm just gonna fix a little loop up top there there we go so now because I'm all finished with my tail there I am gonna go ahead and take my flush cutters and cut it off so I have that little kind of tail sticking down there so just take your pliers and just tuck that in just like so so now I'm back and I'm looking at the front here and don't kink your wire there we go so I'm back looking at the front here and now I'm going to take this and thread it through and now what I'm going to do is I'm going to come up and I'm going to catch that first loop right there so I'm going to take the wire and go through the loop and just kind of feed it through there and you'll start to pull it tight okay so we've brought it down and we set it through and now take your wire and you're going to thread it through the center one more time and this first one's really difficult so if you're having trouble just stick with it okay so now it's coming through there to the back and now I'm gonna take that wire and go up through this hole right here that little triangle that I've created and it's going to create a little let me just get this and then I'll show you it's going to create a little sort of loop right there so now just go ahead and repeat that with this next one and again your wires just going to kind of fight you a little bit because you're trying to create loops where it doesn't want to so you just go up and let me straight my wire real quick there we go go up and go through that next loop and now you're going to go through the center and coming back around through that little triangle there creating just a little loop so again through the next one and coming back through creating that loop and you can start to see it start to kind of take form there and you can kind of make these loops as big or as small as you want it's just on the style that you want to go for it so again through and then bring it back up through the center and I'm going to go around my loop and back up through the center and as you pull it tight you'll pull those loops into the center so again you're always just going to go through that first loop you created and down and pull down and go through the Senate and at this point I'm going to start using my pliers just a little bit just because I can't get my fingers in there pull it through the center and then go around in the loop pull it down and pull your wire back up through that Center alright so I have one more loop here okay and I just want to kind of straighten that wire out down through my loop around pull it through create that little loop there and now you're back to your starting point so now as you can see I kind of have a wire coming right there so I'm going to go back up through the center to kind of get that tension again and I'm going to create another little loop right here I'm going to go back through that center point and what I'm going to do now is I'm going to pull down to the center pull that wire through and I'm going to thread on one of my little turquoise beads string that down and I'm going to kind of lay that in the center there and now I'm just going to sort of attach it to I'll do this one right here you can kind of do this on either one here but I'm just going to go for that Center one there thread it through that opening and pull it through carefully you don't want to mess up any of the wire wrapping that you've already done and then I'm gonna thread it back around and again just being careful not to mess up any of the wire wrapping that you've already done and now I'm just gonna thread it down through one more time and just back around just to secure that all right and then I'm gonna get my flush cutters in there make sure you are cutting the right wire and there is your little dreamcatcher and that you can kind of make this as messy or as neat as you like it's sort of dealer's choice but it's a great little fun way to use these great open frame pendants from Nunn design so I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and again you can find all of these supplies and tools at you

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