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Hello. This is Andrea for In this video I'm going to show you how to wire wrap beads onto a circular form. What you're going to need for this you're going to need some wire and usually you're going to use twenty four gauge or even a little bit thinner. Anything too thick you're gonna have a hard time wrapping. So I choose this fuchsia color so you can see it You're gonna need something to wrap onto. You can make your own form. It doesn't necessarily have to be circular but here I made out of twenty gauge round wire. I made a little hoop or as I'm going to show you today you can wrap directly onto a pre-made form and this a beadalon quick link. It's silver-plated. It's a really nice little seamless piece there. You're going to need some beads. I choose 8/0 toho seed beads. But you really can use any bead you like. You're going to need some flush cutters, a pair of round nose pliers, some chain nose pliers and really handy to keep around you're working with wire is a pair of nylon jaw pliers. In fact I'm going to start with the nylon jaw pliers. I want a length of my working thinner wire of twenty-four gauge wire I need a pretty long stretch here because I'm going to wrap all the way around this twenty five-millimeter form. So I'm gonna go ahead and cut approximately maybe three or four feet maybe even longer just in case. Precision doesn't matter so much when you're working with plated wire. Of course you wanna be and really process with your measurements when you're using sterling or other precious metal wires because you don't wanna waste it. So I have a length of it drawn out and it's a little bit kinked so I'm gonna go ahead and take my nylon jaw pliers and run my wire through it so it's nice and straight. I'm simply going to snip my wire. Now I can begin wrapping. Take whatever form I'm going to wrap on to and I'm going to leave a length about four, four and a half inches. I'm going to leave that tail there and I'm going to thread my wire through the form. I'm going to do this a couple times and I'm going to make sure those loops are really nice and tight next to each other. You wanna make sure your wire does not get tangled in this process. Always keep it going in the same direction if you kind of bend it the wrong way you can get it really tangled. So I have two loops right there. I can start adding my beads/ So I'm going to go ahead and pickup one of my those. Pull it all the way down to the wire form. I'm going to make sure it's sitting nice and square on top of the outer ridge of my form. This is easy to do because this form is squared off. It's not so easy to do when it's rounded. So you really wanna make sure you kind of hold it with your thumb forefinger and keep it on top of the outer ridge in a straight line. So I have my first bead. Since these beads are not too large I'm going to do two plain wraps in between. If these beads were larger and you wanted to fill up the negative space between each bead, you might do two, three, four, five. Depends on the size of the bead that you're wrapping. So I believe that two is just about perfect. I'm going to pick up another bead. Bring it all the way down to my form. Once again pop it into place there. You're going to be finagling this as you go and making sure everything is nice and evenly spaced. Going the same direction. I'm going to do two more plain wraps. If your wire does starts to get kinked or tangled go ahead and smooth it out again with a nylon jaw pliers. I'm going to go ahead and finish off the rest of this ring and then I'll show you how to create the a loop and finish up your project. I'm just adding my last bead here. I'm going to wrap right up to my beginning part of my wire here. If you want a seamless look you can very carefully and closely trim this wire using your flush cutters and with a pair of chain nose pliers. Burnish it down so it looks pretty seamless but I'm gonna make a loop at the top but first I'm going to show you a quick little tip. If you look at the form from this way and as you can see they are pretty much all in a row because like I said the ring that we're wrapping onto is square but some of them are kind of wonky there so you can very carefully take your chain nose pliers and just turn your beads so they are facing the same way. To make a loop since twenty-four gauge is pretty thin you can either do a double loop or I'm just gonna do a single loops. So what I'm going to do here is cut off some extra. Obviously I have too much wire. I'm going to cut off that extra. I'm going to go ahead I'm going to do a wrap wire loop. I'm going to make a little ninety degree bend in one of the wires. With the other wire going to wrap around two or three times. Trim off that piece. I'm going to take my round nose pliers and make another wrapped loop. You can determine which way you want your loop to go. If you want it to go the same way as your ring or this way. I'm going to make it go this way. I'm going to put a little bend. Wrap around. Move the position of my pliers. I always do this was my fingers but you can use another pair of pliers if you'd like. You're just going to wrap the excess around the stem until it meets up with your previous wrap. Snip off this excess wire with my flush cutters. There you have it and you can use this to make pendants or you can make another one and make a pair of earrings. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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