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Hi. I'm Andrea,'s senior designer. Today I'm going to share a nifty little trick with you. Do you have bent wire laying around or unusable headpins because they have a slight kink in them? I'm going to show you haw to straighten those headpins and that wire easily by using a pair nylon jawed pliers Here's an quick easy tip on how to straighten bent or bent headpins by using a pair of nylon jawed pliers. These are the flat kind of nylon jawed pliers. You don't want to buy the rounded ones for this particular purpose. And here I have a pair of chain nose pliers. These are a fine tipped chain nose pliers. Made by Xuron. But you can just use regular chain nose pliers if you prefer. I'm going to grasp one end of the wire with the chain nose pliers. With the nylon jawed pliers I'm simply going to close them gently on the wire. I don't want to squeeze too tightly because I'm going to run it along the length of the wire several times until the wire is nice and straight, just like that. The same principal is true for the headpins. You're going to grasp the headpin right near the base and you're simply going to move the nylon jawed pliers up the wire until it's as straight as you can get it, just like that. There you go. Quick and easy. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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