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Hi! I'm Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to use Super Pegs for the Wig Jig. So I have here Wig Jig Centaur and this is really handy one. It's got that half round and then the square grid below these are the regular pegs for the wig jig. When you wrap your wire around it makes a nice small little loop but if you're doing designs you want a larger loop for, wig jig makes super pegs. So we have small super pegs which look like this and they're just gonna make your loops a little bit larger They go from three sixteenths of an inch up to half an inch and then what I've been playing around with is the large round super pegs. These come in a 5/8ths a 3/4 and seven eighths of an inch and these are these big plastic pegs with the little peg that fits in the hole so I was just kind of experimenting and I've made these shapes here that show how you would use a larger peg. So if you want a larger round you just wrap around just like you would with a regular wig jig except that you're going to place the large peg and sometimes if your doing a more intricate design it can be helpful to place the larger peg only when you're wrapping so you can do some of the work put it in, wrap it around and take it out. Like if you want to work closer to it or it can be a little bit big workaround it's extremely simple, it's just like using a regular wig jig pug accept it's bigger. Go ahead and just make some random shape to show you how it works just arrange your peg like you always do go right around. It can be helpful to hold the super peg down as you wrap your wire so that it doesn't pop up go underneath there also since you're making a larger shape, it can also be helpful to go ahead and pull your wire past help it keep that shaped a little bit more you might have to adjust it just a little to keep the bend because this is a more gradual bend it's going to need a little bit help to keep it's shape, so go ahead and bend it a little bit once you get it off you can put it back on there to resize it if you lose your nice round but you can see instead of having a loop you have a big loop so that's all there is to it and it's way to expand your design possibilities with the Wig Jig. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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