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Hi this is Megan with and I'm going to show you how to use a bracelet size gauge and it comes in this box and it looks like this. It looks like a funky bracelet and how what you use this for it is to find the right length for round bangle style bracelet and whether it's going to be a slip over the hand or have a clasp it can be a little tricky to find out what size you need this is really handy for that so it has this little belt buckle looking piece here that you slide down and then you're gonna push the pin in to adjust the size you can go ahead and pick the size you think you need and start with that and then kind of see where you want. So if I'm trying to make a bangle that's going to fit over my hand but I want it to just fit so that it's not too big I think that's about right. What you wanna do is to keep it nice and around you wanna put this piece back over the tip see this is going to make this shape stay round then you can test your size don't push too hard over your knuckles, don't hurt yourself and if you're happy with that size and you think that's going to work in the way that it fits and then what you do is go up here and look at where the pins are for me that's at eight-and-a-half so I know that if I want the bangle to fit just like that that I need to make it eight and a half inches long so it's really handy for that. If I wanted to try to fit a bangle that's gonna have a clasp on it you can use this for other bracelets but it does keep its round shape you can see it doesn't really flatten out so it's going to work best if you're making a bracelet that has a more round shaped to it if I'm going to do a bangle with a clasp with it or on memory wire or something that doesn't need to fit over my hand then I can decides what size I want for that slide the little end piece over make sure that's right and then take that measurement. So seven and a half and the measurement's right where the little holes are for the peg so it's really easy to tell which size is that you want and they are all in inches on this one than just take that off when you're done it's going to you give a nice accurate size engage. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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