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Hi! This is Julie with and I'm going to show you how to use the Beadalon EZ Crimp Ends so these are basically nice little crimp tube basically that's surrounded by what looks like wire protectors, a really nice solid loop I want to show you how to apply these. It's very easy. So I've just got a piece of beading wire right here. I have already attached one to the end It's very strong, it's not gonna go anywhere so normally you would then go ahead and add your beads and then to finish off the other end take one of these and they're small holes at the base take your beading wire put it all the way through the hole. You can actually see that it comes out through the other end now what I like is at this point I'm gonna go ahead and put the actual piece. So I'm going to surround the coil in the concave half moon shape of my crimping pliers remember you've got two different shapes in there go ahead and grasp it in the half moon shape pull my wire back so that it's just going to the end but not being shown through the loop I'm going to crimp and I'm going to go ahead and twist just like your doing a crimp tube crimp that you still have that nice almost like a decorative center in there and that is secure and not going anywhere. You now already had your loop to attach the clasp, a finding or whatever else you might want to to complete your design and those are the Beadalon EZ Crimp Ends. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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