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Hi, this is Julie with and excited about it so here's what the thread zap looks like up until now and it's a great handy tool for cutting threads for your bead weaving bead embroidery projects but this is the new ultra one and I'm going to show you how to use it so there's a safety guard across the front and what that is doing is it is preventing you from extending the retractable tip which is important because when you do extend it it turns it on so let's take off the safety guard and we're going to press up on the little button and you'll see that that tip gets red hot so that is really turning it on as well as extending it so I'm going to show you how to use it so I've got a length of thread right here I'm gonna go ahead extend that tip and cut right through the thread and you'll see is a nice clean cut now this is important because that tip can get into really tight corners with bead weaving and bead embroidery and it just cuts it beautifully so now I want to also show you how to install the batteries and then some other cool feature about this so let's first put on that safety guard always put it back on when you're done using it so this is the battery compartment we're going to go ahead slide it off and it has two triple A batteries slots now you need to provide your own batteries but these are really easy to just put in so just put in the batteries and then when you turn this little cover over there's actually a replacement tip now that's nice because if you've used a thread zap before you know that after quite a few uses it can get a little bit gunky so now I'm going to show you how to replace the tip so this is a little slot that is in so you're going to go ahead and grab it with a pair of chain nose pliers and pull it out of its little case now you're going to take out your batteries take off the shield and now we can't turn it on which is really great because we don't want it to be hot when we're doing this we're gonna push up on the little button and we're gonna grip the tip and pull it out like so now we're gonna go ahead take the new one grip it you see there's the little slots and we're gonna push it into place and then let the tip retract back into its case we're going to go ahead and install our batteries replace the cover and now when we push up you'll see the new tip works great and that is how you would replace a tip this tool again is called the ultra thread zap has by the beadsmith and it's available at you

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