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Hi! This Megan with and today I'm going to show you How to Use the Wig Jig Spiral Maker this is the Wig Jig Spiral Maker a handy little doodad here and it works with many of the Wig Jig. There are two different sizes for the two different size holes that come on the Wig Jig. So I have the Centaur and I have a the spiral maker that is compatible with that this is a spiral that I made with the spiral maker. It's really handy it's very easy to use start with a length of wire and it does work best with a dead soft wire straighten out my wire first it's always best to start with your wire nice and straight before you bend it up makes it easier to work with if you can see there are four little holes next to the little peg on the spiral maker so those are going to accommodate your wire and you fit the wire into the smallest hole it'll fit i. So there's two smaller ones and two larger ones I had eighteen gauge, it's about the biggest it's going to fit in the smaller hole you bring your wire up through the hole all the way but not sticking out just so where you can feel it poking you in the thumb but don't poke yourself too hard and then bend the wire against the edge of the spiral maker then fit the spiral maker into the hole of the jig push that down to really get that bend in there and now the spiral maker is going to be sitting on the wig jig separated only by the width of that wire there we're going to flip it over so you can see through and see what's going on under there I'm going to hold your fingers against the wire and let feed through but keep the tension nice and tight on there and just bend the wire by turning your spiral maker if you keep your tension too tight here you'll get kind of an oval you do want to keep it tight enough that it doesn't get messy so the first way that you can do this, you always wanna start by turning spiral maker to do the first part of the turn, you can continue to do that, you just need to make sure that you're holding this really firmly against the wig jig because you wanna make sure that your spirals as they loop around that they stay flat and that they don't double up so you can do it this way. Another way to do it would be to hold this together really firmly bend the wire around important part is just to make sure that as you work that the new row is going to the outside and not overlapping it can be a little challenging so if you were to use harder wire it wouldn't stay in a nice tight spiral, it would spring back more. You want to use a dead soft just continue to wrap around until your spiral is the size that you want. You are going to need to stay within the size of the spiral maker otherwise it won't stay flat for you pull the peg off and now you have this nice flat wire spiral which can be challenging to get it all the way flat like that so you have a tail going this way and you have to tail this way. So however you want to use this piece in your this component in your piece will determine which of these you're going to use you can make a loop with this k_l_p_ sticking up if you want to hang this way court as I did in this one you can make a living with this tail piece here and just click off whichever pieces you're not going to use she could use the says and angola charm nearing anything like that and we could hang out that way nesties espera maker for the weekend

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