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Hi, this is Julie with and I want to show you How to Use Bead Frames We're going to Make a Pair of Earrings using a Bead Frame A Bead Frame is just that, it's a piece of metal, it's little finding that actually frames a bead and it'll have a hole in it. The hole is going to be going from one side of the frame all the way through to the other side and you'll find that bead frames come in different shapes and sizes. I have a square one here This square one actually has a whole that goes like this but some have holes that go like that they'll come in a variety of shapes and sizes and give you a lot of different options of how you can incorporate them into a design so on this necklace here which is the gallery necklace, it can be found on in the free projects section under necklaces and I actually just used some beading wire right here and I strung these on. It's really a very simple project to do. It creates a nice, fancy looking design when actually there really wasn't any extra effort that had to go to in terms of the design work except for stringing So I want to give you one quick tip if you are using beading wire and bead frames so you might think that you'll take the beading wire put it through string your bead and then string the beading wire back through the hole on the other end but if you do this, watch what's gonna happen you get a little kink in your beading wire. Sometimes that kink is very subtle, sometimes it's a stronger kink but it makes it that your necklace might not lay right when it's all done, so I would recommend is actually taking your bead, put it into the bead frame with the holes lined up and then just taking your beading wire and putting it through all at once and then you don't have any kinks so like I said I want to show you how to make a pair of earrings just because it's so easy to do with these bead frames so I've got a little round Swarovski crystal emerald. I've got a round bead frame which is perfectly sized for it a little bicone and then just a post earring with a ball on it take my head pin put it through the hole put my bead in there. You can see the head pin is going to come all the way out and go through the other hole now put my bicone right on there as well got a pair of wire looping pliers take it and make a simple wire loop so easy when you have these wire looping pliers take a pair of flush cutters take just my chain nose pliers straighten out my loop make sure it's nice and straighten in there for my post earring it already has a little loop so I'm just gonna open the simple wire loop that I just made attach the post close that loop back up and we have even a really pretty pair of earrings it didn't take any more than a minute to make so that's just a quick overview of bead frames. There's so many different possibilities. So go ahead and check out in our free project section. You'll find these two projects here and a lot of other ones using bead frames and other great findings to help with your jewelry designs

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