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Hi this is Megan with and today I just wanted to take a minute to show you this 52 Removable Compartment Storage Box from the BeadSmith and this is one of those times that I actually saw something and on our website and I had to go and grab it and I've bought one for me so I just thought it might be fun to show all of you so it all comes in this little teeny case and it doesn't seem like it would hold very much until you open it up. It has fifty two little removable boxes so there's three different sizes this is the medium size for most of these. There's also some of these little tiny ones and then there are two of this large size and you can kind of rearrange them how ever you want, however you can get them to fit in here they're all nice closable little boxes, they have a pretty nice seal on them when you close them and they also come with a little scoop to help you put your beads back in or take them out and a pair tweezers which can also be really handy for putting things away or pulling them out of the little bins I can't wait to take this home and put all of my findings and beads away. Because usually I just have them in little baggies kind of shoved around so it's a really super way to get organized

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