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Hi this Megan with and I want to show you the new Vintaj Regal Ring Bracelet Blank it's kind of a confusing name because it says ring and bracelet in it and the reason is because you can use it to make a bracelet or a ring so this is a finished ring that I made I just glued a bunch of Lisa Pavelka steampunk cogs and gears to it that's what it looks like if you use it for a ring. I'm just gonna show you really quick how you would use it for either way. So I have a bracelet mandrel and a ring mandrel to use it for a bracelet it's not obviously long enough to be the whole bracelet. You're going to use it for the front part so what you're gonna do is take your bracelet mandrel and find the part that has the kind of curve you want on it and this is soft enough that you don't need to hammer it to get the shape you want you could but I didn't I just used my thumbs. So once you've got it curved then you could just attach chains or cords and to make the back half of your bracelet and it could be like that or if you want to make a ring you just, instead of using the bracelet mandrel use a ring mandrel and you just pick the size you want and then bend it around and it's big enough to make a pretty decent sized ring but you can also have a overlap in the back and then you just go ahead and embellish it and i would suggest bending it before you embellish it because otherwise if you glue stuff to the front and then you curve it, it might snap off or not line up the right way so it's a pretty versatile piece and they can be a lot of fun to play with

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