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Hi this is Megan with and today I wanted to show you how to use Smart Beads spacer beads for your pandora style bracelets If you aren't familiar with these they're really handy little spacers that hold in place on your pandora style bracelet. Instead of your beads moving all around on the bracelet if you'd like to keep them separate or keep them in certain places we have these little beads that have a little rubber insert in the middle and they will stay in place so if you have the bead on your bracelet it can move around freely but if you place one of these on here it just slides on and the rubber makes it stay in place so you can put them to either side of your bead and it will keep them from moving around pretty handy and we have several different styles that are shaped like balls, ones that are shaped more like a classic spacer bead we have quite a few different options. I just pulled a few to give you an idea it can be a little bit hard to get on but it's easy to move them. You can limit the movement basically of your beads and you can keep a group of them together in place or you can put them to either side of one and hold it still we also even have ones that have a little loop so you can put it on your bracelet and hang a bead or a charm from it so if you are into the pandora style bracelet it can be a really cool way to change up the look

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