How to Choose the Right Glue

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Designer: Julie Bean
There are so many different types of glue that we use in jewelry and it can be a bit confusing as to which one you should choose for a specific project. This video goes over 4 common glues: E6000, Nunn Design Glue, Crafter's Pick, and GS Hypo-Cement and talks about each one and what makes it special. Various application examples are also given.
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Hi this Julie with and today want to do a quick overview on some of the different glues that we use in our various projects. I thought it'd be helpful to tell you a little bit more about the glue maybe why we choose them for specific applications there are other glazes and sealants on the market but these are the main glues that we use so the first one I want to talk about here is Nunn design glue and you see this just came right off of my desk. I've been using it today and Nunn Design glue is a silicon based glue which means it's not going to add moisture to paper which is a really important if you're doing collage images and scrapbooking layering resin work glass domes anything like that because it's not going to cause your paper to warp Of course if you use it to an excess it will but if you use it in normal application just a normal nice layer is not going to So Nunn Design glue is a white clear just like that. It's very thin Just going to spread it on my finger here So it goes on very nice. You can just wash your hands with water after you use it You can also ball it up to get rid of it that way and it's going to dry perfectly clear. It's a great glue. We use it with a lot of our mixed media projects you'll see me talking about this one quite a lot The next glue is completely different. It's GS Hypo Cement What's really nice about this one is if you take the lid off it has to be super fine applicator tip which is very helpful so it allows you allows you get to really fine line and then when you put it back there's a little needle fit into the top and seal it back up so this is one you're not gonna want to get on your hands. You're going to want to be careful. So this one is great with pearl knotting or securing knot or braid cord ends anything where you have a fabric or textile this perfect for also when you need to get into the little crevices that sometimes are there with jewelry like a crimp or something you're going to want to use this because it gives you that nice fine tip it creates a really permanent bond for fabrics, textiles, forms, plastics, applique anything like that so the next glue I want to talk about is Crafters Pick. This is a great multi-purpose kind of all over great glue. Now this is water-based but once it's dried it becomes water-resistant which is great, so if you are gonna be making jewelry that you might get wet this is a great choice because it is water-resistant it creates a flexible bond. It's perfect for things like bead embroidery where your gluing your foundation to perhaps your ultra suede backing you use this. It' also the great for glass tiles just a whole bunch of different applications. It's a nice white glue as well you'll see right there it's a little bit thicker than the Nunn Design glue. So the Nunn is going to be thinner. This is going to be thicker. Great all over general purpose glue. It adheres to metals, textiles, glass, wood, plastic, basically anything can think of it's going to adhere really nicely to. The final glue I want to talk about is probably my all-time favorite and it is E6000 glue. This glue is amazing. I've actually even repaired mr car with it if I squeeze some out You'll see what it looks like it's completely clear The one thing with E6000 is it does not dry right away you'll have about five minutes of wiggle room with it but then you need it to cure for twenty four to seventy two hours before it creates a really a permanent bond but once that bond is created it is there, it's solid I actually with E6000 glued the side mirror back onto my car. It was knocked off and it actually held for five years and that was through texas heat and seattle winters. So this glue creates a really strong bond and it's great for gluing cabochons to metals to like findings anything you want to glue and have a really strong bond is going to be E6000. You'll see us talk about a lot and use it quite often. Again this is one you're not going to get on your hands though so make sure that you use some type of applicator like a toothpick or piece of wire to apply it. So this was a very quick overview of our glues. I hope that helped to clear up some questions and give you a little bit more knowledge when you're choosing the right glue for your project

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