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Hi this Megan with and today I want to show you show you how to use Beadalon's Beadfix squares to attach a flatback cameo onto a glue on finding. You can use it to attach to a glue on bail or onto a glue on ring finding pretty much anything that you're going to use with a fatback cabochon you can use this for and it's going to be a really quick and easy way to attach your glue on findings without using glue. So the adhesive's pretty strong and it is water-resistant so it's going to give it a pretty good hold but you don't have to wait for the glue to dry or deal with the mess of the glue and the fumes of the glue so it's a pretty good alternative if you don't want to use glue and the package comes with these little strips that have three squares tear a square off and peel the paper off of one side then stick your cabochon down onto the sticky side cut around it with scissors it can get just a little bit tricky when it sticks to the scissors. That's like the only tricky part about this but you can get it off the scissors so don't worry about having it on there forever Once you've cut around it then you're just gonna go in and peel off the back layer of the paper and then press your glue on finding onto the back of the cabochon give it a good firm press and that's it. It's pretty much like instantly stuck down it's really simple and really fast and that's how you use Beadfix squares

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