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Hi, this is Kat with and you've cut off one of the loops from a charm see how I wanted this one to be a charm and it came as a connector so I'm going to show you how to do that right now so basically all you have to do is just take your vintage flush cutters and line them up to the loop and press and you can hear it go across the room so please be careful and now I have these sharp little burrs on the end there so I'm just going to use my metal file to just go ahead and file back and forth just a little at a time you don't want to do too much and the great thing about this metal file is that it is actually on all four sides so if I wanted to just do a little quick on one side I can do that and just do a little precision work that way and it's very it's nice and smooth now and you will notice that when I did clip it off it did make it a little bit brighter underneath but that's okay because if you want you can use a vintaj relief block or you can use patina on top of it but you just snip the little loop off of there and you can make nice little charms for yourself and then just smooth them down with the vintage metal file so it's very easy to use you'll find that you'll want to turn all of your connectors into charms and vintage makes it really easy to do so so there you have it that's how to use the vintage metal file and it helps smooth burrs when you cut off the loops of charms and you can also use it on rough edges of sheet metal as well you can find all of these supplies and more from vintage at you

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