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Hi, this is Kat with resin that you're going to use to protect from any allergies or any skin discoloration that can sometimes happen with plated jewelry now I just wanted to show you the packaging real quick to let you know that you'll get a whole bunch of information on the back with the contents and any other allergy information that you'll need but I just wanted to show you that real quick and then I'm going to show you how to use it on a piece of jewelry okay so here I have the jewelry shield out of the package and you'll notice that it looks very much just like a nail polish so what you're going to want to do before you apply it is just give it a little shake not too much it's very liquidy is you can kind of see it in the bottle there it's not as thick as like say a nail polish would be and I have just the back of an earring finding here or actually I guess you'd consider that the front of the earring finding but I'm going to be painting on the back of it because you're going to want to add this wherever it touches your skin so you don't need to add it all over the entire piece unless you'd like to do so but I'm just going to open it up and again like I said it just looks like a nail polish and you just sort of paint it on and it goes on clear and you can actually just paint it all up like I said wherever the skin is going to touch and if you ever did want to remove this from a piece of jewelry all you would do is just use nail polish remover so that can actually be really great so I just did one coat I'm going to close that back up now what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to let this sit for at least 20 minutes and then you're going to want to do another coat and then 20 minutes in another coat I recommend and the packaging recommends that you coat it heavily that's what they say so I would consider that probably four to five coats depending on the piece that you're working with but you'll start to notice if there starts to become any build as you work so you'll be able to kind of watch that and judge what your piece is so that's it it's very simple it you know prevents any allergies and you can use this it says on rings earrings bracelets eyeglasses and watches so it's really just a great little thing I know a lot of people do have allergies to plate a jewelry or they just want an extra little coating to make sure it stays on there so there you go that is how to use the allergy jewelry shield by eurotool you can find this and all of our earring findings ring findings bracelet findings and wonderful pieces at you

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