How to Attach TierraCast Strap End Tips to Leather & Alternative Cords

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Designer: Tracy Proctor
In this video, Tracy Gonzales from TierraCast shows you how to attach TierraCast strap tips (cord ends) to leather or leather alternative cord using compression rivets. This is a quick and easy cold connection method that gives a fantastic finish to any 10mm flat cord, including the Regaliz line of flat cork cord available from Beadaholique. For more information on working with Regaliz and other leather alternatives, view our Regaliz Product Guide.
Audio Transcript
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Hi everyone this is Tracy Gonzales with TierraCast. I'm here at to show you how to use our four millimeter compression rivets to attach TierraCast strap tips to ten millimeter flat cork, rubber or other strap like on this bracelet. It's a very easy process you wanna make sure that the end of your strap is cut very straight and position your strap tip onto the end of the strap so that it lines up with the bridge on the back mark where you want to make your hole with a pencil or an awl make a hole with hole punching pliers on the smallest setting which is about two millimeters if your material is very soft you might want to use the 2.5 millimeter setting if your material is a little stiffer, thicker and take the compression rivet post and insert it through the hole from the back, put the strap tip over the top and the cap onto the top of the post and squeeze them together to engage them then set the whole thing onto a bench block and because there's this ridge on the back side of the strap tip kind of hang that over the edge of the block so that it doesn't get smashed when I set it set the rivet setter on top of the cap and whack it a few times with a hammer until it's set and I'll try and pull up on the cap and if it doesn't move then it's set as well and that's all there is to it Repeat the process at the other end of your strap and then you can finish off your bracelet with a hook and eye or a toggle clasp and maybe embellish it with a focal link. Really quick and easy. Again this is Tracy Gonzales with TierraCast guest designer for showing you how to attach TierraCast strap tips on ten millimeter straps. There's a rivet setting video in the video library if you'd like more information on rivet setting. Thanks for watching. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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