Overview of Wire Tools for Jewelry Making

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video overview, learn about the various tools available to use with your wire jewelry projects. Everything from pliers to wire jigs is covered. All the tools seen in the video are available at Beadaholique.com
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Hi, this is Julie and in this overview video I want to review with you a selection of the wire tools available for you at beadaholique there's a lot to choose from I'm going to go pretty quickly through these we do have more detailed videos on almost all of them at beadaholique.com so first off when you're working with wire there's some basic tools you're going to need and these here are the basic ones and this is just a small sampling of the ones that we have available by various brands but there is the bent nose plier the duckbill flat nose the chain nose and this comes to a nice little point and the round nose so these are really your core pliers that you're going to work with on a regular basis now there's also specialty pliers to help with your wire working projects there are wire banding pliers so these are great if you're doing really precise wire wrapping it helps to get that first band started there are nylon jaw pliers these help to protect the wire from being nicked and marred there are shaped mandrel pliers these are super funny you don't see these very often and these are just a small sampling of the ones that we do have but you can see that we've got square ones and triangular shaped and these are great because they allow you to create this precise shape over and over again which is really good if you want to make a lot of components that are identical there's also bail making pliers again these are really fun if you are shaping wire but also if you're shaping filigree you can wrap it around the bail around each nose you'll notice that all of these is a different size for each nose which gives you really two pliers in one there are wire looping pliers so again various sizes from very large to small and then there's this one here which is one of our favorite tools here at beadaholique.com cave nose I'm going to show you how to use it really quickly here because if you've not seen it before it's something that's really one there's like aha moments in jewelry making and you won't want to go back afterwards so I just put a bead on a head pin and I'm just going to squeeze the wire and it just created half a loop for me and then I just go ahead rotate it finish working that wire around and I have a really nice perfect loop and then I would just trim that in to complete the loop there are suppliers that do the actual trimming of the loop for you and those are the one-step looper x' so we have a detailed video on how to use these but it actually forms that loop and cuts it at the same time very handy now if you are wanting to form shapes to make your own components or to actually build a design we have wire jigs so wig jig is actually a series of different wire jigs I just have this one here but it comes in a very in a variety of shapes and it comes with little metal pegs that you can place in these holes you can create your own custom shapes and then you wrap your wire around the pegs there is a 3d bracelet jig so bracelets are very popular of course and this allows you to create a bangle bracelet using wire and you can create various designs by putting pegs into the holes here there are these little findings forms by artistic wire these are nice because they create a set shape you can create it over and over again really handy if you're making jewelry to sell it's a great time-saver if you do like doing wire knit or wire crochet there are draw plates that these help to work harden and smooth out your wire for wire knitting there is a wire knitter tool this is a really fun tool that's easy to use and allows you to create a wire knit if you work a lot with wire you know that you'll sometimes end up with a piece you don't know what gauge it is here's a wire gauge guide it's got the actual wire gauges marked along the inside and then on the outer edge edge there's these little notches I'll show you really quickly how to use this with just a little scrap piece of wire I have so you're going to go ahead and you're going to try to fit it into each notch and you see it won't quite go into the 24 it gets stuck quite go into the 23 but it does easily go into the 22 so I now know that this is a 22 gauge wire then when you are working with Y you're going to need to cut it at some point so there are memory wire cutters if you're familiar with memory wire you know you don't want to use your regular cutters on it it's incredibly strong it will damage your regular cutter so there are special memory wire cutters and cutters double flush cutters and then flush cutters you can see we have a variety of brands represented here as well then to file down your wire there's the vintaj relief block at sands and buffs wire but also filigree and other metal pieces there are files this here is a great file by vintage but there's also diamond file sets if you want more variety to help form your wire shapes if you're making rings and bracelets there are ring mandrels now this one is stepped which helps you with your sizing and so so fixed onto a base which is very handy we also have handheld one so if you'd rather use that and there are bracelet mandrels again this is going to help you to retain the shape you want you can also go ahead and do that your design work right on the mandrel which is nice and finally there's tools to help you twist and curl your wire so this is just one of them but there are many more available and this is a handy tool if you are going to be doing a lot of wire work or you want these great twists and you don't want to have to do that by hand each time so there's a tool such as this and actually there's other tools which will help you straighten out your wire if you don't want it to be curly so a lot of different choices when it comes to your wire tools buy a lot of different brands we've got bead Smith Lindstrom vintage eurotool artistic wire just a lot to choose from so I know I went pretty quickly through a lot of these tools and they do really deserve more explanations so please check out the beadaholique website there's full product descriptions but also almost every one of these tools has an individual video on it showing how to use it which will provide you with even more information and hopefully inspiration as well you

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