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Hi, this is Kat with and it's been branded by tierracast and they designed this and we are so grateful to have it because i'll show you exactly what it does I just want to let you know that at you can purchase just the woodblock or we've made it convenient for you if you don't have the anvil and the eyelet set our tool this will actually come as the kit so if you buy the kit you'll get all three components or if you already have purchased these from us you can actually just get the woodblock so today I'm going to show you how to use it and I have some little eyelets right here I have a little scrap of our Wrigley's flat cork cord I have a hammer I also have my rotating leather hole punch that I'll be using to punch the hole before I do the eyelet so that's the first step so I have it set on number two and I'm just gonna line it up and just punch my hole very simple set that aside and now I'm going to place the anvil inside the center there and it drops right in what I'm going to do now is I'm going to take the eyelet and just pop it through the hole there and then I'm going to flip it over line it up so that it gets secured in that little notch there hold firmly and this is the eyelet tool and you just go ahead and line it up pull it steady and now just go ahead and hammer and you'll notice I'm moving the tool around just to give it a nice clean shape to the eyelet okay so I remove the tool looks like I didn't get it quite far down enough so I'm just gonna line it up again and I'm gonna go a little harder there we go that's more what I want to remove it from the anvil and now I have my eyelet and it looks good on both sides and that's all it takes and if you just want to pop this out just go ahead and flip it over it falls right out this is really great it's a great tool to help stabilize your anvil so that it doesn't wiggle around so you can just leave your anvil in there while you're working and this is a nice little place to hold your setter tool but that's it that is how you use the tierracast eyelet setting would lock you

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