How to Use Wubbers Half Round Pliers

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see how to use Wubbers Half Round jewelry making pliers. Available in 4 sizes (and each plier with 2 different sized sides), these pliers are great for making half round coils, D rings, and other links and connectors.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with is of both noses and there's two different sizes so for every plier you're going to get two different sizes of half-drowned coils that you can make yoko so make d-ring connectors and other wonderful shapes for your wire working jewelry making needs so this is what they consider the small size you can see it's got the signature web bearers handles and then it's got these two different size half rounds at the tips and they're uniform all the way down uniform size so they're not tapered so you will be able to make coils that are all completely uniform in shape so the small one has one side that measures 6 by 3 point 5 and the other measures 4 by 2.5 then the medium one see the difference here this one has one that measures 10 by 5 and one that measures 8 by 4 and I'm talking about millimeters here so when I say 8 by 4 I mean is 8 across by 4 deep then we have the large size so this one here measures 14.5 by 7.5 millimeters and then the other nose is 12 by 6 and then we have the big one this is the Jumbo and this guy here measures twenty point five by ten point five and the smaller one measuring 18 by nine point five millimeters so for different pliers but a total of eight different half round sizes that you can make so I quickly want to show you just how to use these guys and cut off a length of wire now this is 20 gauge wire and all of these pliers will definitely work with 20 gauge the largest one you can use up to a 12 gauge wire thus large in the medium up to a 14 gauge and the small one will take up to an 18 gauge so I'm going to go ahead just grab my wire between the two noses bend it around now if I wanted to I could snip it right here and right here you can see that shape I've just created and of course the heavier wire it's gonna create a really strong shape if you are doing d-rings but I can also do the same thing loop it around bring it up and back into the jaws compress it so I've got that wonderful half round shape and now if I cut it in the middle now my opening will be in the middle there's two different ways of doing those and you can then of course hammer these to work harden them you can make them into links to connectors again d-rings a whole bunch of different things you can do with these wubbers half round pliers you

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