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This is a Knotter Tool. You want to start with clean hands and choose an appropriate thread. I'm knotting pearls so I'm using silk. I'm going to stretch this. If I were knotting glass, semiprecious stones or crystals I would use nylon. I'm stretching this so I can get the kinds out of the thread and I would want to choose a size of thread that fills the bead hole but that isn't too tight. And I would stretch the entire distance of my thread. I'm going to add a bead and I'll slide this down until it's flushed against the other beads. I'm going to take the thread around my index finger and middle finger and I aways work away from myself to create consistent knots. I'm going to slip my beads through the loop. I'm going to use the awl piece of my tool to pick up my thread. I'm going to put my index finger on the end as I release and allow the beads to slide up close to my tool. I'm going to allow my thread to come around on the other side of my tool through the 'Y'. Then I'll push the 'Y' portion of the tool until the knot slips off the awl and creates a tight consistent knot every time. Go to Beadaholique.com for all of your beading supplies needs!

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