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Hi this Megan with and today I'm going to show you How to Use the BeadSmith Twist 'n' Curl Wire Coiling Tool It's a wire coiling tool and the little kits comes with these pieces here there's a handle and then there's six different mandrels that you can use and it's going to allow you to really quickly and easily coil craft wire and you can use the coils, you can snip them to make jump ring. So here you can see I made square jump rings using a square mandrel triangle jump rings using the triangle mandrel You can use these coils for pretty much anything you want You can make round coils and snip those for more traditional jump rings You can even play around with combining your coils You can do fun wire beads so you take the handle and you insert the mandrel that you want just screw it on. It's really easy. Take some craft wire make sure when you're practicing that you're using a less expensive wire. You don't want to try to practice on a nice sterling silver and end up having to throw it away just get a foot or two of wire out of the spool there's two little holes on either side of the handle so go ahead and put the tip of the wire through one of the holes bend it down it's gonna hold it in place use your thumb and your forefinger on your left hand to guide the wire right up along the handle and just use you thumb to hold it in place right up against there and use your right hand just spin and you can coil as much wire as you need Once you get it going down there you can use your finger and spin the handle. It can go really quick Once you have as much as you need Trim that off use nylon pliers to make sure that the end is bent down all the way trim off the top make sure that the top end is bent down all the way this part will fall out or you can pull it out pull that off very simple and it's very quick and to make jump rings out of that all you do is snip you can see all the links separate or you can use it to make any kind of wire components where you would want that coiled and I'll show you real quick how did you this technique to make a wire bead it's also really easy to remove the mandrel. All you have to do is unscrew it so go ahead and take the second wire, in this case it was the purple wire fist you're going to start with a coil and I used the smallest metal round mandrel for this coil the length of the coil ids going to determine the length of the bead and start with another piece of wire and put it right through the coil and then you're gonna start by putting that wire through the handle and let that coil move down a little bit just like you would normally start twisting and you're going to twist a few times around this is going to be the end coils the smaller ones so you can make that as long as you want I'm going to make this bead a little bit smaller than that one put your coil up and keep it nice and tight and start spinning with that coil twisting around it will fan out and give a neat spiral look and continue to coil it around and when you get the end of your second coil keep going around and you're gonna do the main wire and just like you did at the beginning at the end here so do it about as long as it was at the beginning and go ahead and snip that off and smooth the end down snip off the beginning part smooth the end down and now you have a neat wire wrapped bead. So you can use this tool to make all kinds of different components. It's really up to your imagination what you want to use it for but it is a really fast and easy way to get that coil shape and you can see it comes with a variety of different shapes and sizes It kind of lets you create whatever you wanna make.

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