How to Use a Wire Gauge Tool

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Designer: Julie Bean
This video shows you how to use a wire gauge tool to determine the thickness of the wire you are working with. Very easy to use and handy to have around. The tool not only shows the gauge but also its corresponding mm size.
Audio Transcript
Note: This audio transcript is auto-generated and may not be completely accurate.
Hi, this is Julie with and I want to show you how to use a wire gauge guide It comes in a protective sleeve. I recommend that you keep it in this because the corners can actually be quite sharp so what you have is this disc and along the outside here it shows you the wire. It goes from zero all the way up. It goes around onto thirty six. I'm going to show you gauges from zero to thirty six and what you want to do is you're wanting them to fit within the slots so don't worry about the little round spot down here it's the slot right there that you want your wire to fit into it and if you flip it over you'll see that it has its corresponding millimeters over here so as you can see thirty to gauge wire is actually point two seven millimeters so that's handy to know too. so I'll show you really quickly how this works. I have an eye pin here and a head pin as well and if you're like me you tend to store these where you don't put their labels on them so you're always trying to figure out what they actually are so with this eye pin right here what you'll do is you can kind of guess where you might think it might fall. So it went right through the nineteen. That slides way to easily go up to twenty, still very easily go to twenty one and looks pretty much like a perfect fit but I want to double check and try twenty-two and it's not going in that shows that this is a twenty-one gauge brass eye pin. I'm going to show you with one more. I've got this head pin in gunmetal I can tell it's a bit thinner I'm going to try the twenty-one, goes right through that really easily twenty-two, still going too easy twenty three pretty easy, twenty four I wiggled it so that means it's gonna fit but I'm guessing it's not going to fit through a twenty five but I'm just going to try it yep it's not fitting, so this here is going to be a twenty-four gauge gunmetal head pin and that's all there is to using a wire gauge guide. It's a very handy tool and then when you're not using it again just make sure you slip it back into it's protective sleeve and that's going to protect your fingers

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