How to use the BeadSmith Rotating Leather Hole Punch Tool

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video, see how to use the BeadSmith Rotating Leather Hole Punch Tool to punch holes into cord like the Regaliz Cork Cord. You can also use this tool for various flat cord, textiles plastic and leather alternatives. There are six different hole sizes in this one tool. The hole sizes are 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, amd 4.5mm. For more information on working with Regaliz and other leather alternatives, view our Regaliz Product Guide.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and I'm here to show you guys how to use the BeadSmith rotating leather hole punch tool. Now this tool is really interesting because you actually see that on this side it gives you all different kinds of hole punches and sizes that you can do. For example this is 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm and 4.5mm. So if you look at this edge of the tool you can actually see how big the hole is. Now this is the 4.5 so this is the largest size hole that you get to use with this tool. It's actually a really easy tool to use. It gives you a really good grip and I wanna show you a couple of examples here I'll show you how to do it and in just a second. This is an example of one of the holes and I just punched it right through and it looks nice and clean. You can see that there and even on the smaller cord it buckles out just a tad but it's still a really solid substantial hole that won't rip through so let me show you how to use it. So we're gonna do a two millimeter hole just to show you how it works and I'm gonna use the smallest cord that I have. So this is the Regaliz cork cord and you're just gonna place inside make sure it's centered and you're just gonna snip down. You're going to hear a pop and that just means that it went through now this will happen sometimes with the smaller hole and I wanted to show you this I'm glad it did so it didn't go all the way through. You can see on the backside that it's not quite all the way through. That's okay just take it and line it up very carefully one more time give it a little extra squeeze there you go you can see a little bit of the buckling that I was talking about you should be okay. It shouldn't ripped through there so let's show you how to rotate it. Now this is very important don't try to twist it backwards because it just won't up no matter how much you try it won't go so just keep going and it's actually a counter-clockwise you just snap into place. I'll show you one more time Let's pretend I want to do the 4 millimeter hole I'll show you on the darker cord. This is the green cord go ahead and place it in there snap Again it didn't come out quite right. Let's try it again takes a little bit of power. So that's how that works I'll show you a different size and I'll do size number 3. Let's see if I can do it properly and get you guys one clean cut. That sounded like it went a nice clean cut. So there you have it. You can use it with the cork, you can't use it with our leather alternative components that we have this works great if you're trying to add an extra hole punch to watch band for example and I think this is a great tool. You can store it like this if you like or it actually has this really cool lock feature you just lock it and it locks it in place so it's nice and streamlined for you and the way you unlock it is you just give it a little squeeze and it's unlocked. There is the BeadSmith Rotating Leather Hole Punch Tool. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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