How to Use the EZ Hook 3-in-1 Fastener

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see three different uses for this versatile tool no one should be without. It is ideal for hard-to-close bracelets, necklaces, zippers and buttons. It even extends to 20 inches in length.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and this is that piece that's going to actually help you with those buttons I'm going to demonstrate that later but the front piece here has this nice little Gator clip now it comes with these rubber feet on it so it allows you a couple of different options for grip so you can use these rubber feet or you can remove them and you'll have a little bit stronger of a gator clip there so if you really need to grab a jump ring or a zipper as you're gonna see a little bit later in the video now what the other thing that is really cool is this actually extends to 20 inches so this is gonna help you and we're gonna show this again later that's gonna help you with those zippers but this is great for bracelets cufflinks buttons lots of different things so let me start by showing you one of the very first way is to use the three and one easy hook fastener tool the first way I'm going to show you how to use this tool is to help you with all of those hard to close bracelets now my first example here is a button closure so I'm going to go ahead and leave those rubber feet on there so simply place the rubber feet around the knotted area there place this into your hand and now all you need to do is bring that button over and slip it through your loop now simply remove your clip and you're good to go all right so that's one way that you can use but you might have a different closure so the next way I'm going to show you is if you happen to have a closure that is a jump ring and a lobster clasp now for this one I am gonna go ahead and remove those little feet because I want a little bit of a better grip so now I'm going to grip my jump ring here and again simply place it into my hand bring my lobster clasp around and attach it to my loop simply remove it and you're good to go so now I'm going to show you the second way that you can use the three and one fastener so I have Julie here to help me out and today we're going to be showing you how to use this to help you with a zipper from a dress or a shirt so very simply you're just gonna remove those rubber feet there and then go ahead and fully extend the fastener and now I'm gonna have Julie turn around for me and you're actually gonna do this step before you get dressed so go ahead and attach that little Gator clip to your zipper get dressed and now Julie's gonna show you exactly how easy it is to use okay so because it's fully extended I can easily just grab it so even though it's behind my back I have a lot of room to grab it I'm gonna show you what this looks like from the front and so I'm gonna reach over put my other arm in front and just tuck this under and then pull it to the back and from the back this is what we look like and you see we have a lot of length right here so this could have been a much lower zipper and I still would have been just fine now I'm gonna grab my fabric and just pull it up and now that I'm zipped I can reach behind and unclip that Gator clip and then it's ready to go for the next use and that's so easy and it's great to use and you're right you can use it for a lot of different lengths of zippers so a great little tool to have while you're getting dressed so the third and final way to use the three-in-one fastener is to help you with those buttons so simply slide it through your hole attach the button into the large side pull it out to the side pull it through your hole there and remove it from the three in one fastener nice and quick and easy way to help you with those pesky buttons you

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