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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com bracelets so what you're going to start with are these bracelet blanks now they come in three different metals you've got copper brass and silvertone nickel so you've got your copper your gold and your silver basically and so this is what they look like and they've all got these really nice rounded edges so they're not going to poke you when you try to put them on and they have a really nice finished look to because of that they measure six inches long and they come in a variety of thicknesses so some are a quarter inch one inch two inch and three inch and I have a three inch right here to show you what that would look like now I want to show you how to do the tool using a one-inch and then a three inch is the same technique but I thought it would be worth showing in this video because it could be a little intimidating looking at this trying to figure out how to bend it so let me start with the one inch one first so you're going to take the end of the blank and you're going to slip it down into this little slot and all you're going to do is hold it so you wanna make sure it bends straight and curve it with your fingers you don't need a hammer or another type of tool up over the arch here now you'll notice I'm bending it and then I'm stopping before I start to slope down then I'm going to take it out and rotate it put the other end into that slot again hold it and Bend this side as well and to that same stopping point there we go and we've bent our bracelet and now what you can do is you take this and put on your wrist and I have really petite wrists and you would just mold it onto your wrist to make it so that it fits so there you have a really nicely bent bracelet now let me show you how to do it too with this thicker one now it's the same technique we're going to go ahead and put the metal down into the bender tool in the middle of the blank and we are just going to bend it up and over and takes a little bit more strength but not a lot I'm not the longest person in the world so just like so and rotate it and now I'm trying to press at this point on the unbent part I don't want to put too much pressure up here because I like that curvature so again is in the middle and then I'm just bending it up and over and this one too you would just curve on to your wrist so now you have two very nice cuff bracelets so it's started like this you use the tool and then you have this nice uniform shape that you can replicate time and again again this is the beadsmith ez bender tool you can find it as well as all the components to use with it and a lot of embellishments to finish off your bracelets at beadaholique.com you

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