How to Make a Petite Metal Stamped Necklace with ImpressArt Punch Stamps

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this show and tell video see some of the large size (6mm) metal punch stamps by ImpressArt and learn how to take one of them and create a petite metal stamped necklace. This project is very quick and easy to do and there are numerous stamps to choose from for it.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and i also want to show you how to turn them into a project so i'm gonna do a how-to on how to make a pretty little delicate necklace using silver filled stamping blanks and a silver filled necklace chain that's all ready to go so i'm going to start by showing you the different stamps available and then I'm gonna make this necklace so you'll notice that these are six millimeter and seven millimeter in size and their actual size is this little inset photo right here so very nice large size easy to see so we got a hand outline a foot outline equality sign male symbol female symbol a sprinkle pattern pistol rectangle light bulb horizontal lines and diagonal lines pretty paisley design the Zuni bear Indian Head vertical lines circle a fancy and wording Kokopelli the arrowhead crossed arrows Thunderbird cactus triangle a stick bride and a stick groom now these are seven millimeter they're a little bit larger than the others which have all been six millimeter girl profile a boy profile brick pattern Greek key or cycle sign and the infinity symbol and the final one is the fancy ampersand which is what I'm going to use for this project so these are very nice heavy duty stamps and you'll see that it's got a nice size design which you can see right here and I'll show you right now how to use them so like I mentioned I'm going to be using silver filled components so I have a silver filled 11 millimeter stamping blank a four millimeter 22 gauge open jump ring it too is silver filled and a 16 inch delicate silver filled pre-made chain so a very easy project you'll note that I have some vintage onyx patina right here and that's to help to bring out the design so we're gonna fill it in with a little bit of patina and then of course the metal stamp now in terms of the tools you're going to need is either a paintbrush for the patina or you know if you just have a scrap piece of wire that will do as well a couple chain nose pliers to open that jump ring you're going to need a dry paper towel it's not a bad idea to have a wet paper towel around as well it's not soaking it's just damp a glove when you're using the patina in metal bench block and a brass hammer this is a one pound metal stamping hampered by impress art so without further ado I want to show you how to do this something clear some of these things away just so I have a little bit better reach so we're gonna do our stamping first now I'm going to show you the motion I'm going to do and then I'm gonna need to pull this closer to me so I can look over the top to make sure I have my stamp centered so you'll note you're gonna want your hole up at the top facing away from you and then the lettering is going to be facing towards you so that your stamp is upright in the correct position and what you want to do is you want to Center this on your stamp at least for this particular project so what's nice is it's a round base so I'm going to line it up with the round circumference above my stamping blank now I am going to line it up in the center look over the top to make sure I am centered and then I'm going to give it a nice whack with the hammer match I do it in one whack and like I mentioned I do need to pull this towards me so that I can actually see what I'm doing and line it up excuse my hair happy to have it lined up and we made a nice imprint so I'm going to show you what it looks like right now if I move it towards the light you'll be able to see a little bit better and then here's what it looks like filled in so I'm going to show you how to do that so go ahead take your paper towel and I'm gonna actually just tear off a little corner I'm gonna set it down on there Specter patina and if you have a posted or scrap piece of paper you'll want to use that to put your patina on but I didn't pull that so I'm just going to put on the paper towel do you know what the paper towel is going to absorb it though that's not necessarily ideal but it works and I want to put a glove on now I'm going to take my patina and I'm just going to put it over the top of the lettering and you'll notice I'm not being particularly neat I just want to make sure I cover where that indent is from the metal stamp now I'm not gonna let it dry I'm just going to now go ahead and rub the dry paper towel over it wiping away the excess I'm just kind of rubbing over the top and this is where the wet one comes in handy too so I don't want to put the wet paper towel over my actual stamp I just want to clean up the edges there we go you can see it shows up much better now now also note that the copper here shows that this fancy ampersand has that nice outline to it which is what you see here whereas some of these have more of a solid pattern actually the male symbol is a good example so you see how that's solid whereas this one has a nice outline so do note when you're picking these out on the website to pay attention to what type of design it is because that's what you're going to be getting so I love that outline but if you want the solid pick out a stamp that has more of a solid line work to it so let's turn this really quickly into a necklace I'm just going to take my two pairs of chain nose pliers I'm going to open my jump ring so if you're not familiar with how to do that you just grip it from either side and the actual opening of the jump ring is up top there and twist we're going to slide on our stamping blank and we are just gonna slide on our chain of course you can do the same project with all different shaped stamping blanks as well as other types of chain you can do brass you can do sterling you can do a whole bunch of different things but just like that we created a really pretty and very delicate easy to make necklace you can find all these different stamps as well as the supplies to do a project with them at you

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