How to Add Size Markings to your Bracelet Mandrel

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Designer: Julie Bean
Wooden bracelet mandrels are an excellent tool for making and shaping bracelets but they often come without measurement marks. In this video see how to quickly and easily add these important size markings to your mandrel.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and roll a lot of us work with wood bracelet mandrels especially if we're doing like wire wrapping or something and a lot of these my hand rolls don't come with marks already on them for the different measurements of the bracelets you can see this is just our one from the design space you might have seen it in other videos and we actually added our own markings to help us along as we're doing our designing so I pulled another mandrel now this one here is of course a circle one compared to an oval but I'm going to show you how you can really easily add those measurement marks so you can either use painters tape like I'm gonna do here because you know that's not gonna leave a residue if you ever want to take it off of your mandrel or like you see here we just use some Scotch clear tape I'm going to use the painters tape though for this video and I'm just going to run a line of it I can either start at the top or right where I know I'm gonna want my marking so I'm just gonna put this right here running lengthwise just like that now this is really easy to do I've got a measuring tape and I want to on this one show where the six-and-a-half and the seven mark is now we're referring to the circumference of a bracelet so we're gonna do the surround so let's see here we've got my measuring tape which is upside down so we're looking for six and a half and seven well we almost found the seven right off so I'm gonna keep scooting it down until those two lines line up there we go so I'm just gonna make a mark and I'm gonna make that mark right between the two lines there we go and I'm drawing right on the painters tape so I'm gonna mark this has seven inches then let's find that six and a half so you can see how to do it one more time really easy not a lot to this but definitely it comes in handy if you're making a lot of bracelets especially if you're doing them as gifts or to sell them and you want different sizes for people to choose from it really helps to have them size and to be able to tell someone this is a seven inch bracelet this is an eight inch bracelet or whatever it may be there we go now that's six-and-a-half make a little line right there or six and a half inches and you could do that of course all the way up with whatever size you want to make sure you have marked so quick and easy but very helpful and useful when you're doing your designing you

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