How to Use the Artistic Wire Conetastic Mandrel Tool Set

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video, see many the different ways that the Artistic Wire Conetastic Mandrel Tool Set can be used. With this tool you can use wire to wrap around the mandrel to create a cone shaped coil. The Conetastic Tool comes with three interchangeable mandrels: 11mm, 8mm, and 5mm.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and I wanna teach you about the Artistic Wire's Conetastic tool now when you receive the tool it'll come like this and what you'll do is just unscrew the bottom and inside are all different mandrel sets as well as your tool close that back up and this tool comes with an 11 millimeter, an 8 millimeter and a 5 millimeter now let's use the largest one just to show you the easiest way of how it works. I'm gonna put it in the top It'll be loose so take your wrench and just tighten and you'll feel it tighten just make sure it's secure enough for you. Now before I show you exactly how to do this I want to show you a few little examples this one is using a this gauge wire on this mandrel and you'll see kinda how I did it there I just wrapped it around. This one you can use like maybe like a bead cap if you only wanna do half and these ones came from the smaller ones, so this was just kind of a funky one that I did. I went with the five millimeters as you see there and on these you can see that you can do it a little bit tighter a little bit looser and a little bit longer it just depends on where you'd like to cut your wire, what kind of gauge your using and what you need for your specific project. So let me show you how it works so here I have a piece of 22 gauge artistic wire I'll show you basically how the conetastic works you can see these little holes right here and all you do is thread your wire through and bend a little piece of it back make sure you're using a long enough piece of wire and I recommend winding it opposite to where you want your wire to go. So if you wrap it this way it could slip out a little bit easier so wrap it this way and the cone you'll notice has little grooves so you can start to feel your wire kinda hitting those notches now this is kinda tough you just gotta keep the tension good and you've to keep your finger on it especially for these first few wraps here and just keep it tight just keep wrapping it takes a minute this is a great tool to use to get any kind of coil that you want whether it's a really tight one or something just to finish off. Like I said like a bead cap you can do that and really any wire is going to work. It's just gonna be what you really wanna work with. I do recommend the artistic wire it's really easy to use with your finger and that way you don't need an extra tool to help you wrap it in there. So there I just kinda wrapped it about halfway. You can see it's quite a bit of wire take some wire cutters and snip off this side. Be careful you don't want to have any wire flying. Take it off and you have a little bead cap or however you kind of want to use that again like I said you can use the different size mandrels to create tightly coiled ones, ones with a little bit more spring to it. Definitely be careful when you choose your wire to make sure if it's going to be low bearing you don't want to use a really thin wire because it will just stretch it out I'll actually show you on the blue one, it'll just stretch it out and then it doesn't go back nice and coiled so you wanna be careful that if you're going to use a wire like this that you can't have something too heavy hanging off of it because then it won't stay and its nice little coil you're gonna want to use something like this which is 18 gauge wire and you can see how much stiffer it is, like I try to pull it and it's much stronger. You just wanna be careful If you wanna switch out your mandrel, you just unscrew it take it out and when you're all finished put them right back in the bottom there So that is it. That is the Artistic Wire Conetastic Mandrel tool set. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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