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Hi this Kat with and today I want to introduce to you the artistic wire's wire straightening tool To show you how to use this I'm going to use a pair of flush cutters and a pair of nylon pliers and this is a piece I actually already straighten and I'm using 22 gauge craft wire. So what you'll do is just take it out of the packets and this is actually very fluid. You'll see right here, it just moves around so I'll cut off a piece of wire. Now this is really difficult to try to straighten all by yourself because you're always going to have a little kink to it. So here's what you're gonna do you simply place it in wrap it around and you'll feel it kinda snug in there. So this is where your nylon tip pliers will come in handy so whatcha gonna do is grip your wire really tight and just slide this along and your wire is straightened You'll notice there's a little kink here from where I was holding the wire You can also just zip it down the other side to try to straighten that out a little bit. But most likely you'll be using a piece of the wire to do your wire wrapping for your project. As you can see it's still bendable but it is much straighter then after getting it right off the coil here so there you have it. The artistic wire's wire straightener tool Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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