How To Use Spring Coil Ends

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Designer: Andrea Morici
Beadaholique's Andrea shows us how to use these professional quality cord ends to finish off cord up to 2.5mm thick. Perfect for the latest leather, pleather, silk and satin cord necklaces. Simply insert the trimmed end of the cord in to the coil, and use jeweler's pliers to compress the ends of the coil on to the cord. A dab of glue is recommended to secure the cord, especially if the cord is thinner than 2.5mm in diameter.
Audio Transcript
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Hi. This is Andrea for and in this video I'm going to show you how to use these coiled cord ends. Now these guys have been around forever and there's a good reason for that. I'm going to use these on some three millimeter rattail. I've got some pretty purple rattail. I'm just gonna cut off a small amount for right now to demonstrate. Now besides the scissors the cord and the cord ends you're also going to need some chain nose pliers. I recommended the fine chain nose pliers for this application because they grab onto that last coil more securely. You're going to need some kind of adhesive. I use this E6000. This is the best stuff. I've got a little of piece of srcap wire to apply the E6000. So you wanna make sure your cord end is fairly together and not frayed. I'm just gonna take a little tiny bit of the E6000 I can either try to apply it to the end of the cord or put a little bit on my wire and just kind of spread it on the inside of the cord end. I'm simply going to insert my cord end into the coil like so. I'm going to take my fine chain nose pliers and just grab that last coil there. I'm going to slowly begin squeezing it in until you can tell that it is pinching the actual cord. Now even without the glue you can tell this isn't going anywhere but the glue will add an extra bit of security for you. There you have it. That's a great way to end a cord necklace that you've made or bracelet. You just add a jump ring and a clasp to this and your all set to go. Thanks for watching. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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