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Welcome to Beadaholique.com's Learn to Bead Video Series. This is our sixth installment. And today we're going to discuss necklace lengths. The first length we're going to talk about is the collar length. Collar is generally twelve to thirteen inches. It's usually made up of three or more strands that lie snuggly on the middle of the neck. The next length is Choker length. And that's generally fourteen to sixteen inches or whatever that fits comfortably around the base of your neck. The next length is called Princess and that's generally seventeen to nineteen inches long. This length is called Matinee length and it runs anywhere from twenty inches to twenty four inches. This length is called Opera length. It can run anywhere from twenty eight to thirty four inches. And what's good about this length is that it can be doubled and worn as a choker. The final length we'll talk about is called Rope or Lariat. This is anything thirty eight inches or more. Rope or Lariat can be worn as a single length or it could be doubled or even tripled. Thanks for watching. Please join us next time as we continue Our Learn to Bead Video Series Go to Beadaholique.com for all of your beading supplies needs!

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