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Hi this is Megan with and today I want to show you just want to see real quick how to use a snap on bail and there are a couple of different types of snap on bails. There's ones that are just from the side, they're just a round loop of metal. It's just a tension thing you just push it in but I wanted to show you specifically this kind of snap on bail which is actually hinged with a little snap and this is perfect for using if you want to be able to change your pendant from one necklace to another really easily so if you have a charm that already has a jump ring or if you have pendant with a loop, all you're going to do is open the loop stick it on the little ring at the bottom of the bail and then as long as your necklace will fit through the opening at the top of the bail you can switch this on and off to any finished a necklace that you have that you want. So it's a really great way to interchange and decide either what pending you one on your favorite necklace that day or which necklace you want to wear your favorite pendant on so all you do is open that up and put the necklace in and snap it back closed and you don't see any of that from the front so from the front it's just a pretty bail and we have a few different styles of these too so you can pick the one that you like best and you would have a hard time normally getting the clasp on a finished necklace through a pendant bail so it can be a really great solution if you wanna switch those out

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