How to Use Vintaj Metallic Patinas

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this tutorial see how to use Vintaj Metallic Patinas. These patinas are great to alter the finish of metal and other jewelry components. They are quite shiny and metallic and look great when you combine several metallic patina colors on the same piece of jewelry.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I wanna show you how to use Vintaj Metallic Patinas They come in four different colors and what you have here is an aged bronze, antique copper, a Victorian gold, and a Nouveau silver and I want to do this video just to be able to show you these wonderful metallic colors. It's sometimes hard to tell when it's in the bottle it's great to see them in person. So you're going to use them the same as you would use other Vintaj patinas and so here's the antique copper and I just have a little plastic bag here that I'm putting it on to keep my work surface clean. That there is the antique copper, here's the Nouveau silver, the aged bronze, and the Victorian gold so quite a nice range of colors there and I'm also going to pour out some of my Vintaj glaze which will work as an extender. It's also help to blend these together and like I mentioned before you're just going to use them the same as other Vintaj patinas I just have a paint brush here I have a pretty little piece of filigree. I want to bring out some accents and highlights just so I can have a mixed metal look I'm going to take a little bit of the glaze and a little bit of the Victorian gold I'm just going to paint it on now by adding the glaze I actually made this a little bit more watery which is what I wanted. I wanted more of a wash effect. I still see some of the natural brass color below and I'm going to pull out the highlights I'll call that good for right now. I'm going to play with a couple other pieces I have here. I've combined all four put the colors together and I can almost like a fiery flame effect This is Vintaj arte metal I'm painting on top of I'm not using a glaze at this point on this particular piece I'll show you what I'm going to do in a second with it. You've got all those colors so now I'm just going to take some glaze and at the points where they're joined I'm just gonna go ahead and blend them in just so there's a little bit more of a washed effect. Go back add a little bit more just have fun with the colors. I'll let that dry and then I'm actually going to take the Vintaj Relief Block to it and bring out some of that detail again. Now I wanna go back and you could wash out your paintbrush between times or if you don't mind that your mixing the colors a little bit which I don't mind just going from one color to the next. I really like the blended effect so now I'm just going to take a look at the silver highlight the little flowers the a little sides as well You'll get a really fun mixed metal look I'll call that good. I wanted a few little spots that were the original color and then with the these I think what I'm going to do is go up do a little bit of silver at the base and I'll take a little bit more glaze just blend it in just so that there's more of a wash effect up towards the top and it is more concentrated down at the bottom So I love these pieces. This one I do wanna bring out those details. I'll let that dry for about 15 minutes and I'll comeback with my Vintaj relief clock and pull out the details. So these pieces are now dry see that they'll make a pretty little earring set on these two that'll have the silver tips and then for this one I do want to pull out some of that detail again. So it's been about 15 minutes. It's dry to the touch. I'm going to take my Vintaj relief block and very carefully go over some of the raised details I'm actually going to go over the sides as well. I little bit of a rougher look. I just really want that mixed metal almost like a flame appearance to be very subtle and by doing the Vintaj relief, it just take some the emphasis away from the patinaing and it really puts it back on the piece itself which is what I want. There we go you can see it has a great aged look. Now one will note I have a little of the patina coming off right here and that's just because this wasn't quite dry enough. So just make sure that you let it fully dry before you start to use your relief block on it otherwise it might be a little bit peely like that. It's kind of an in-between stage but I love the look. It has a nice distressed look to it and it's really interesting with all those different metallic finishes. So I hope you have fun with the Vintaj metallic patinas There's a lot you can do with them and don't be afraid to mix and match in use several metal colors on a single piece. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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