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Hi this Megan with and I want to show you how to use round cord end caps like these which are usually popularly used for thick cord for Kumihimo braiding I want to show you how to use them to make a faux wrap bracelet so instead of having one cord in there you will have, I put five, you can use whatever number that you want and the end result ends up looking like a wrap bracelet except it's really easy and quick to take on and off so all you need to do it is decide what cord you want to use and how many strands I'm using this really pretty waxed cotton cord I decided I wanted to use five strands so I'll go ahead and bundle up my cords and thenI just measured using a caliper how wide that was gonna be to fit nicely into a cord end and so I looked at this and decided it would fit pretty well into a cord end that is meant to accommodate a four millimeter cord because together they're about four millimeters so I have these cord end caps here that are meant for 4mm cord and you want to make sure that you grab your cords not flat but go ahead and you know put them in a little bundle so they fit in the round end and if you feel like it would be easier you can definitely tie some thread around this like you do when you're ending a Kumihimo braid we do have a video on how to do that you can definitely do that but I found that it's not too hard to just hold on to them so all you do is take some E6000 glue and I used flush cutters to cut the end of the cord to give it a nice flat end go ahead and get all of your hands together make sure all of the ends are even and just put a decent amount of glue on the end. Don't overdo it. You don't want it to seep out a lot but make sure that there is glue on the end of each cord and then the reason you don't want to over do it is because then you're gonna get fingers right up to the very end and push them into the end cap and you will get a little bit a glue on the end cap and on your finger but you can clean off before it dries once you get it in here really push it in you can wipe off any access glue and you can also make sure that it's nice and round that there's not a cord sitting flat in, that they're all evenly distributed around the sides then you just let that dry and as you can see the nice finished look on that is fantastic and it's going to give a really slick way to have that faux wrap bracelet look without it getting really bulky or big

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