How to Bead Ear Threaders Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
Ear Threaders are an interesting alternative to a traditional earring hook. You actually thread beads onto the ear threader or attach them to the loop below the threader. This video also gives you an overview of what beads will and will not (in general) fit onto ear threaders.
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I want to show you how to use ear threaders. I'm going to make a pair earrings as well so an ear threader is basically a piece of chain with a post on the end and this post goes through your ear and then it hangs like so and actually I have made one earring here so you can see how it would hang so the backside would be coming out of the back side of your ear, the side of the post and this would be a the front side. It's really quite pretty this is one style ear threader. It just has a longer length of chain with a post on the end and then the other style actually has this arc as well. It's got the post the arc and then long chain in the front. So a couple things I wanna talk to you about first about keeping in mind when you're working with these the main thing is you have to be aware the that diameter of the actual chain and the post and then the diameter of the bead hole of what you're looking to use and those are sometimes listed in listings and sometimes they're not I wanna give you just a general overview of kinda what's gonna work and what's not gonna work and then we'll make that earring. I have a four millimeters SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS bicone and you can see what happens. It gets stuck. It doesn't go all the way down and I'm going to go up to the next size which is a five-millimeter and that one slides on just fine and a 6 millimeter does as well. So 5 millimeter and the 6 millimeters are gonna work on these type of ear threaders that just have the chain in the post I have a size 10/0 Miyuki Delica and that one with a little coaxing it goes on but it's a tight fit. I wouldn't count on that working every time and then if that doesn't work an 11/0 it's definitely not going to work. It's not going to slide down but these spacers are going to work great. You can tell that they've got a large enough hole Of course I'm not making a beautiful earring right here. I just want to show what will and won't work I have a little SWAROVSKI ELEMENT four millimeter faux pearl that's not gonna work but I do you have a four millimeter round Czech glass bead which works just fine I got this Rondelle here which is gonna go on fine as well and then I've got these pearls and you can tell already that their hole is quite small and that's actually not even going on my post so I would avoid pearls and also probably as a general rule avoid gemstones as well. Their holes can be quite tiny as well. So that's an overview also keep in mind how heavy it is, the item that you put in here because this is going to thread through your ear. You don't want so much weight here that it just pulls it right through. So keep that in mind as well. So just kinda recap in general four millimeter bicones and faux pearls are probably going to be out, so are the natural pearls the gemstones as well but a 5 millimeter bicone, 5 millimeter round bead a 6 millimeter, those are gonna work well, a size 10/0 seed beads maybe we'll work sometimes, maybe won't work other times. If you go larger than that you can probably count on them working just make sure you compare the size of the chain and the post diameter with the hole diameter. So that's when you're using this type of ear threader. Now if you've got one like this it actually gets even trickier. Watch what happens, remember that six millimeter bicone went on totally fine before. It gets stuck, it won't go up over the curve. Basically the only type of object that's going to up and over is something with a really larger hole and a much narrower profile such as this little spacer bead so that has no problem just going up and over but if you love all these other types of beads that don't fit over the threader you actually have usually in many cases with these ear threaders a little loop at the base and that's gonna allow you to use all these other type of beads you want to use. That was a quick overview. I hope that wasn't too much information but I did just want to give you kind of a general guideline if you're going to be making projects with these ear threaders, what will and won't work but now I want to show you how to make this earring and it's so easy and so quick so the tools you're gonna need is a pair of flush cutters, chain nose pliers and either round nose pliers or wirelooping pliers like I have here and then you're going to also need a head pin. I have a ball head pin just to be a little bit more decorative To make this we're gonna start by taking a four millimeter bicone. Again remember this is the one that wouldn't fit that on the actual ear threader chain that is gonna fit fine here on the head pin and I'm just going to create a simple wire loop right after the bead and I'm using my wirelooping pliers squeezing, wrapping it around got my loop, snip it and I'm just going to go ahead and straighten it up with my chain nose I'm going to take my ear threader I'm going to put a 6 millimeter bicone on it. Let that slide down to the bottom. Put one of these great spacers and do one more 6 millimeter bicone that was so easy and now I'm just going to attach my dangle at the base open up that simple loop connect it to the loop on my ear threader close it up. Make sure that that's nice and straight I'm done with my earring. Now I have a great earring set which would be perfect for the holidays or bridesmaids, anything you like. It's a really easy and elegant pair of earrings and you can actually find all the ingredients for this particular pair of earrings on in our free project section and look under earrings. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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