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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com and assign so these are really pretty you can see they come in a variety of finishes with a different shaped settings and they are adjustable so they'll fit most everybody's ring finger which is great if you're making it for yourself or if you're wanting to sell these so there's a couple different styles there's the ones that fit the cabochons which of course there's a flat back stone and the ones that fit the shut-ins which have wells in them to accommodate the pointed backs so I'm going to show you how to use both what you're going to need is some e6000 glue a scrap piece of wire you can see I have a failed eye pin here or toothpick some applicator for the glue and a popsicle stick so let's go ahead and do this first one which is going to use a cabochon and the website is going to list the inner diameter of the bezel setting and that is what you're going to match to your stone so for instance this is a 13 millimeter diameter bezel setting with a 13 millimeter stone so I'm going to take this II 6000 now this is a new bottle so I need to pierce the inside and on the cap is a little point so I just turn it upside down poke it and out comes the glue and this is actually a big enough setting that I don't need an applicator so I'm just going to squeeze a little bit of glue there the lid back on set my cabochon right down into the middle and press it into place and you'll see that as it is right now the prongs are sticking up right so I need to fold those over and I'm going to do that with the popsicle stick so I'm going to go ahead hold the stone in place take my popsicle stick and start pressing those prongs over the top of the stone and I'm using the popsicle stick because it's not going to hurt the actual stone itself it's very smooth and soft not using a lot of pressure he's bend over quite easily and you can even go from the bottom and press up and over if you want as well once you've got a few of them over and your stones pretty secure in there you can start to grab the ring from the base which makes it a little bit easier to press these up and over there we go oh no one more there we go Anka see they've now folded over that cabochon and really a very pretty pretty ring so now I'm gonna show you how to do one with a sheet on so let me take this antique silver plated one and again I'm just gonna put a little bit of e6000 into that well well that's just a really an added security measure the prongs do you hold these quite nicely but it sometimes it's nice just to have a little bit of extra glue in there I just smear that so it's more evenly placed so I'm gonna drop this stone into it you can see it's perfectly sized and now I just need to fold over the four prongs again I'm gonna hold it and just fold those over so we've got one there we go we have it set you can see how pretty these are and very very easy to make you can find these rings by Nunn design as well as the pretty matching cabochon and shot ons at beadaholique.com you

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