How to Use Hidden Crimp Ends

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to use hidden crimp ends to finish cords. These crimp ends are easy to use and add a decorative element to your design. The also come with loops already attached making it easy to secure a jump ring or clasp to them.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie the beaver Halik and in this video I want to show you how to use these hidden crimp cord ends so it's actually a crimp bead on the inside of these if you can see this up close and there's a two on one the decorative panels that's going to press into the crimp bead to crimp it and secure your cord so I've pulled a couple examples here there are more styles available I want to show you the different finishes they're silver-plated antique silver plated gold plated and antique brass plated and the ones you see here as examples we have a 1 millimeter one and that refers to the interior diameter of the crimp bead a 2 millimeter and a 3 millimeter and you're gonna match that to your chord size so I have a 2 millimeter satin rattail here coordinating with a 2 millimeter hidden crimp bead with this really pretty decorative cover and then of course these all have little loops that you're gonna be able to attach jump rings or a classic to and I've already gone ahead and crimped one so you can see what it looks like and one thing I do want you to note is that if you are using a pair of pliers like this which is just a duckbill chain nose plier it can make a little bit of a mark in the metal I was pretty careful and still marked it up just a little it's very subtle but I want to show you a way of preventing that that's really quick and easy to do I have some painters tape right here I'm going to peel off a little piece and I'm just gonna cover each side of my plier with it and this is just going to help to soften the hard edge of the plier now if you have a nylon jaw pliers you can use it as well but I wanted to show you a way of doing this that you wouldn't necessarily need to buy a nylon jaw pliers if you don't have one so I'm just covering each side you're just creating a little cushion and of course you can remove this when you're done is very easy to do so go ahead and take your cord and put it into that well now if you're using satin rattail one tip is to twist the rat tail as it goes in and that's going to help all those fibers to go into the hole so now we're just going to take our pliers and we're going to squeeze it it's a little hard for me to do this on the angle that's going to be good for the camera if you want to hold the loop and just squeeze and you see what we've done is we're pressing that Center that tooth is going into the crimp bead we're just going to go on both sides and press it down all the way so we are now crimped and you can see but I don't have any marks on my metal here so I'm going to show you the comparison so right here just a couple little marks and then on this one I don't have any so these are really easy to use if you wanted to just for peace of mind you can add a little bit of super new glue or a six thousand to the inside of the crimp but this is a really nice strong crimp and they're very pretty they're decorative so you have a nice finished piece of cord that all you have to do is add a clasp to and you'll have a necklace you can find these and other products at you

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