How to Use the Artistic Wire 3D Bracelet Jig

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to use the Artistic Wire 3D Bracelet Jig. This is a fun tool that allows you to customize you wire wrapped bracelets and bangles with the use of a jig to give you a perfectly round, continuous bracelet.
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Hi, this is Kat with wire bangles and bracelets and just a couple examples here what we're gonna be doing today these are really fun and this is actually using an 18 gauge wire so you can see that it's fairly stiff and in a lot of designs I've seen people add their own wire wrapping and to kind of stiffen it up as well so that's what we're gonna be doing in this video today so when you purchase your artistic wire 3d jig you'll get the jig itself you'll get the pegs and you'll get these plastic little tubes that will help secure it in place once you've placed it onto the jig so you'll get those three items and you'll also get just a little visual pamphlet to help you if you need some more instruction so for this project I'm going to be using 18 gauge artistic wire I have my wire straightening pliers here my flush cutters I have a wire rounder tool and a pair of chain nose pliers and of course my ruler okay so like I said we're gonna go ahead and get started with about 22 inches of wire so just go ahead and unwind it from your spool and it's pretty kinked on my end so I'm just gonna straighten that out my ruler here make sure that I have about 22 inches a little bit more okay so there's my 22 inches I'm just gonna straighten it out one more time make sure not to straighten your wire too much you don't want to kind of work harden it because you're gonna be using it to wrap all right so there we have it just kind of and then I can set my spool of wire my cutters aside so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna set up my jig so that it's all ready to go and the great thing about this is you see that there's many different ways that you can add the pegs in so I'm just gonna start by adding one at the very top there and putting the stopper right there so it doesn't pull out and I'm just gonna do a very simple design so I'm just gonna move down and put another peg in there and make sure it's even there we go and you can sort of count the pegs you can do something that's not even if you want to go for a little bit more of an organic feel and I'm just gonna finish this up quickly and you'll notice as I come to my end here I don't have an even space so I'm gonna add it right there and you'll see how I work with that as I get around to it okay so now I have my wire jig all set up and ready to go the pins are secure so what I'm gonna start to do now is I'm just going to take my piece of wire and I'm gonna find that spot where this will be the start and the end so I'm gonna leave about a three to four inch tail or so and now all I'm gonna do is you can wrap over or you can wrap under it's just a matter of design I'm going to wrap under take my wire first ones the trickiest there we go and now just take your wire and it's easiest if you just move the jig and you just keep your wire wrapping nice and tight and you want to keep it nice and flush with the jig and keep good tension and you're just going to wrap all the way around the jig making sure to press down onto the jig and I'm gonna come back to my starting point there and now I just have my wires kind of crossed over right there I'm just gonna hold that together while I finish up here now just place your thumb there so you can keep those sturdy take your chain nose pliers and what you're gonna do is you're just gonna go all the way around the jig and just press that wire down just to make sure that it is nice and flush and this will help sort of make that shape on your bracelet I don't need to push too hard just a little security alright and my last two here there we go now I'm going to start to take it off of the jig leaving these two on go ahead and just start pulling off the plastic pieces and then you can just start to wiggle these guys off you can also push them from the inside okay so now I've taken off all but my last two here so carefully take these two off and it'll spring out and that's okay because we're gonna tighten it up so now what you're going to do go ahead and set that down place one pin into the jig and now what I'm going to do is I'm going to flip this over and place one loop on there and bring my second loop on top there you see see how that's all set up there I'm just gonna take that and now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take this end here and complete that loop and just bring it up and then through my bangle so let me just sort of show you so it just comes up and through to secure and this one is gonna go down but I'm gonna go ahead and take it off the jig and it's gonna go down and around so what I'm gonna do now is I'm going to keep those two loops lined up and I'm just going to wire wrap this end around just a couple of times just to secure it yeah and I just want to make that a little tighter and bring those together now I'm just gonna finish this side and why your rap actually it's a little long so I'm gonna make it easier on myself right now yeah just wire wrap that side there we go so now I'm gonna take my flush cutters and cut off my two ends and to make sure it's not gonna cut me I'm just gonna take my wire under tool and just take care of those little ends real quick get rid of all those little burrs and now just take your pliers and you're just gonna tech those little wires in and tuck this in as well there we go so there you have how to make a wire bangle using the artistic jig you can make this bigger and smaller what you would just do is you would just place your pegs at a different height and style but I just want to show you my examples at one more time so I had this example where you wrap it over and then you can also wrap it underneath and kind of make a little style like that and you can also make an open bracelet if you wanted to and this is using the 18 gauge wire you can use I would say up to about 20 but it is going to be a little bit more flimsy but if you also wanted to you could get away with using a 16 gauge which would make it a little bit stronger for yourself so there you go I hope you enjoyed how to learn to use the artistic wire 3d bracelet jig you can find all of these supplies and more at you

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