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Hi, this is Kat with today as you can see it's a Z clasp and it just you know will hook into your jump ring so that you can clasp your jewelry and it's really easy to make this uniformly by using the artistic wire jig so to do this you're gonna need 20 gauge wire you can use 18 or 22 but today I'm going to be using 20 I have my ruler here a pair of chain nose pliers a pair of flush cutters and a pair of nylon tip pliers and when you get your jig you're going to get the piece like this and you're also going to get the pusher tool that comes with it so let's get started all we're gonna do is I'm gonna cut off about four to five inches of wire so you can go ahead and take your nylon pliers and just go ahead and straighten that out and I'm just gonna eyeball it at about five inches I can set my wire aside and put my ruler away so now I'm gonna take my jig and there's a hole here in the center and I'm just gonna push the wire through there so I have it just a little tail and just go ahead and Bend that back with your finger and now I have the wire coming straight through the center so now I'm gonna start with this peg here and I'm just gonna wrap down and around and go all the way around and now I'm going to cross it over and go down around the two and bring it all the way up through the center around the top two and now making sure to come through the center to cross over and wind it all the way around that last peg there so now I'm going to set this down and take my pusher tool and just go ahead and push down on each and this will just sort of secure that shape into place and you just do this on each peg you need to push too hard but just to kind of get it down there and now what I'm gonna do is you can either bend this out but I'm just gonna go ahead and cut it that way my thing will pop right off go ahead and set my jig aside so now you can see the general shape so now we're just going to clean it up a little bit so I'm going to take my flush cutters and I'm going to cut here take that piece off and I'm going to cut here just to finish off those loops and this one's a little bit long so I'm just going to trim that just a hair there we go so now I'm gonna take my pliers here and just bend that in and now I'm just going to take my nylon pliers and I'm just going to kind of run it over the top there and what this is doing is this is work hardening it so it's just going to make the whole clasp just a little bit stiffer you don't have to push too hard it's just to kind of give it that little extra strength that is how to make the Z hook clasp using the artistic wire jig you can find all of these supplies and more videos at you

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