How to Use JudiKins Glitter Rox and Make a Bracelet

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Designer: Julie Bean
Glitter Rox can easily be applied with Diamond Glaze and adds a beautiful and edgy look to your jewelry designs. In this video see how to create a quick and easy yet very elegant bracelet using Glitter Rox.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with of it so we've got four colors here we have copper rose pink turquoise we've got Quicksilver which to me looks like mercury glass and then we have got dollar gold so really pretty sparkly stuff just gorgeous you get it in this tube and on the Quicksilver one of our used on another project in addition to this project here that I'm going to finish in the video so you can see how easy it is to use and I still have a lot left so you're gonna be able to get a lot of different projects unless of course you have a project that just uses a ton of it but this should go a really long way let me just pour some out this is made of glass shards so is little bits of glass with that in mind you do wanna make sure you wear protective gear when you're using this and you'll want to keep it away from kids as well just because of the nature of what it is but it is very easy to use and there's a lot of applications that you can use it for such as filling bezels this is a pretty fun easy one so this is a Nunn design bezel bracelet link originally all of the bezels were empty like this and I filled them with the Quicksilver glitter rocks using diamond glaze and this is what it would look like worn and I just think it's really pretty and it's very festive too so to go ahead and fill this bezel we're just going to take some diamond glaze before we put it in our bezel we're going to make sure that the bezel is flat you don't want to have it propped up where any of the diamond glaze or glitter rocks will spill out so we're just going to fill the bezel now we're not going to fill it to the top but we're going to give a nice coating in there and then all you need to do is take your tub and sprinkle it in there and if you look really closely you'll see it's seeping down and then you'll actually see the diamond glaze coming to the top a little bit so then you want overfill it and then what will happen is you're going to let this dry I would recommend at least an hour or two and then when you pick it up a few of the glass shards will actually fall off and fall out but that's okay because you put enough in there and the diamond glaze will dry clear that's still going to look really full and really lush and that is just one application of how you've used juda conceal it err rocks and again I used it with diamond glazes which is a really great adhesive for this stuff you can find more project ideas at you

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