How to Use ImpressArt Mandala and Border Metal Stamping Sets

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this jewelry making tutorial video, learn how to use ImpressArt mandala and border metal stamping sets. Each set comes with 4 metal punch stamps that allow you to create numerous designs and decorative effects. In the video learn how to use a circular stamping guide so that you can evenly space your punches and also see how to use the border metal stamps. Finally, learn how to make your designs really stand out by filling them in with ImpressArt stamp enamel. All the supplies shown in the video are for sale at
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with sets so these are really cool so each set comes with four different stamps i've got four laid out here and they actually coordinate with this one right here and you see that you get four different shapes and you get to combine them any which way you want to make them on dollas so i'm just gonna show you these guys real quick and then I'll show you the borders and then I'm going to show you guys how to use them and there is a really fun trick to being able to do these so those are the mandalas and then here are the border ones and these border ones definitely can be used as a border edge or I think just a really nice decorative design element and again you get four of them in each little set okay so I have an example here of the mandalas so if with this one for set I did three different looks so I did this one here that was off-center on a blank that already had a border I did this one here that was centered and then this one was centered but it was a little bit more elaborate so you can definitely do whatever you want and whatever catches your fancy now the key to being able to do these is really this little booklet right here so this is a stamp guy by impress art and its really pretty awesome so if we flip through it the towards the back we have these stickers and these you're gonna put right on to your stamping blank and you're gonna punch right through it and it's gonna give you a guide so you get a bunch of those and then you also have little ruler guides if you want to write straight wording or for the borders we're gonna use those and then you have all these circles in different shapes and site well not different shapes excuse me they are all circles but different sizes and so that's for if you say want to write a name along a curve you would use one of these little guides again it's just a sticker so let's say you wanted to write a name or a date you would just put that sticker right onto your blank and stamp around the edge so very very easy to do these are nice they're like it's almost like a cardboard sticker or so for doing this we're gonna be using a little steel block so I just have a little 2 by 2 block and an impress art brass hammer and now everything you see here is available for sale at so let's go ahead and do the mandala first and then I'm gonna show you the borders ah let me grab my stamp guide and I'm gonna do a centered one so I'm just gonna peel this off I'm gonna place my blank right on my block and then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna line this guide right up here with the hole that's gonna give me a really good starting point to help me Center this and you see all those wonderful circles you're gonna try to line those up as well take your time with this step because this is what's gonna be your guide and then what I like to do it's a sticker I'm just gonna press it right down on my block so it's not going anywhere which is pretty handy cuz now I can do this I can rotate my block so before we begin stamping just a couple quick little notes don't get too close to the edge this was a little practice piece I had and I was stamping close to the edge and that is what happened so it pushed out the metal now you can still do an off-center mandala like what I did here and I just made sure I wasn't near that edge and for these ones that have the border that was really handy and easy to do and if you wanted to do that you would just place your sticker off-center so that's the little trick for doing that and then this here is just a sample piece this is a skill that does take some practice if you do make a mistake don't toss anything keep your pieces because you can keep using them to practice on just to get the right um force for your hammering the right spacing these are great to keep so don't ever toss any blanks that you make a mistake on okay let's begin so I think I'm gonna make something pretty similar to this one here for this demo got my hammer okay so everything is set up I am ready to go I've got all my pieces laid out that helps to I don't know if you've done that before but especially if you got them in a case lay them all out and then you'll be ready to go all right we're gonna start with this one so this is the big flower and I want the logo for impress art facing me so I'm just gonna put it on the middle little marker on this guy all right and now we're gonna try to give it one nice clean hammer okay now I want to do what looks like to me like a little leaf and I want to line it up on this line here here here and here and I want it to be pretty close to my flower okay so again the empress' art logo is facing me so I know the orientation of my little stamp and I'm just trying to Center my stamp on that line and now I love this because this is secured I can rotate my block okay so I got my four little petals and now I'm gonna go ahead and use what is this little guy here he almost looks like a little clover okay so find the impress art logo and I want to put him right here in this little space between all of my little what I'm calling leaves okay so once you've got your stamping done what you're going to do is you're gonna peel this off and is single-use but you do get quite a few of them in the little booklet so you just peel that guy off and then you have your stamping but you will note that through the process you sometimes end up with a little bit of sticker stuck in there still so what I recommend is just take your fingernail I would not use a tweezer because I wouldn't want to scratch my blank and just make sure you get all of that out next because there is sometimes a little gummy left take your blank and just facedown on a paper towel and just rub off any extra little Q not a lot but sometimes you do get a little bit in there from that sticker okay and now I like it like this there is an alternative you can make your design really pop with this this is a impress art stamp enamel marker it comes in different colors and this one happens to be the black one if you wanted to go ahead and make it pop you could definitely just put this over it and fill it in and that's what I'm going to show you with the border stamp so I'll show you how to use a stamp enamel but I like the contrast I like seeing that you get two entirely different looks here so that is how you use the mandala stamps and just I do want to show you one more thing while we're here because I don't want there to be any confusion because it is really fun to do an off-center mandala I'm not gonna do this stamping because the stamping is the same process but I will show you how to position the little guideline so you just decide where you want it and you look at that center point and the sticker and you just put it off-center just like that it'll be the same thing here you would just put it back on your block secure the sticker down and then you could do your stamping and you would just radiate out from the center point so it's not hard to do and it doesn't change the process the only difference is the placement of your sticker so the quick little note about that okay so let's now do a border stamp so for the border stamps are also going to use something in here so I have this little blank right here and with these guidelines you could do an arched border which would be fun or you can do a straight one and I'm going to do a straight one so I'm going to use this little guide right here and I actually found you can extend the life of your little guides by cutting them I don't need this whole big one I'll just put that back on my sticker sheet to use another time all right so let's say I want to just do an edge here you're going to line this up so the top of it is basically wherever you want your border to be so I want my border to be right in there so now what I'm going to do is I'm gonna grab a border stamp again you get four and a set so here's a little set so the one I grabbed actually I want this one okay so I grab this guy right here again find the logo these guys out of the way okay so what you're gonna do is you're gonna find the logo you're gonna position it on it and then you're gonna drag it towards you and what you want to do is you want to feel it catch right on the lip of that sticker okay and once you feel it catch stamp and then you just move over feel it catch again stamp and you would just continue on doing that all the way around whatever you're doing whether you're doing a bracelet blank small piece a large piece and that is how you do it but if you notice when I peel off the sticker they're now in line with each other so if we want to make that pop with the stamp enamel marker just grab a couple paper towels put it on here actually what you want to do is you want to protect your work surface knew I was missing something all right so protect your work surface shake up your pen okay and then you're just going to fill in your stamped area and the marker says let this dry for one to three minutes I really find about one minute is sufficient so we're gonna let that dry for just a minute we're gonna come back and wipe it off and you'll see how that design work just really pops when you put the ink in it's been about a minute so I'm just gonna take my paper towel I'm gonna wipe it off now what's left is a pretty design you just punched you see how that really does come out much when you see that detailing that fine detailing so if you want to do a border you would just do all the way along the edges so that is a cute little element too I think that would be really fun by itself so that is how you use the impress art mandalas stamps as well as the border stamps and this which I cannot recommend enough I love this this is so handy it's making stamping a lot easier and again just to show you a quick little recap of some of the variety you can do and then the contrast if you want to fill it in or not fill it in and then you can of course do something more elaborate as well as if you got a bigger stamp to keep going and really do a fun fun design so all of the things you saw here are available for sale at and we have a lot of other videos about metal stamping and a lot of other impress art items as well so it's really fun to check out the website for that

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