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Hi, this is Kat with and just having a lot of fun with and these are our craft paper gift bags and as you can see for this one I only did the front side just to sort of give it a little fun interest and I just did some little patterns here so just to show you that there are a lot of options and really the idea with this is to personalize it so today I'm going to be using this stays on ink and I brought out a couple different colors here this is just a selection of the colors that we have and I'm gonna be using rubber stamps again this is just a small collection of the ones that we sell on our website and then I'm also gonna show you really quick we do have a full video on this but I'm just gonna show you how to use that stamp cleaner as well so let's go ahead and get started I have the craft paper bag here and I have just this is just a scrap from the back of a notebook and I just cut it to sort of fit inside the bag just to make sure that I'm not gonna have any run through the back of my bag also it gives me a nice little stiff surface as you can see these are nice and lightweight which is great I think but I just wanted to make sure that it wasn't gonna go through there so I'm gonna use the teal blue today and let me go ahead and pop that open and you're gonna want to take off that protective guard and make sure to keep that it's what keeps your pad nice and moist so now I'm going to just choose one of my little stamps here and very easily just get some ink on there and stamp away it's that easy I like to add a little bit more ink every time I stamp just to make sure I'm getting a nice clean little stamping there no it wasn't so great definitely experiment with these they're a lot of fun also if you do purchase the craft gift bags from you'll get a hundred so if you want to have one to like test out your stamping on you'll definitely have more than enough which actually actually is really really great cuz that one didn't turn out so great for me but it's a handmade craft bag so you know it's kind of nice to have it be one-of-a-kind every time so really quick I want to cover up my ink here and set that aside and I'm gonna really quickly here show you how to use the stamp cleaner because you always want to try to clean your stamps and the sooner the better so all I'm gonna do is add a little bit of that solution right there and you can see my pads getting a little bit wet and now I'm just gonna stamp it onto a paper towel just to clean it off there and you can see that some dye is always gonna be left behind just a little bit but you do want to try to clean that off it'll make your stamps last a lot longer so there you go that's very quickly and easy how to use this dazon stamp cleaner definitely recommend it so choose your favorite stamps and your favorite color of stays on ink and get to making these craft bags there are a lot of fun I hope you enjoyed this video you can find more at you

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